Friday, February 04, 2011

Transformers Prime: Skyquake Preview, Season Two Approved, Trailer (Updated)

The Hub has released several clips to promote the upcoming return of Transformers: Prime on February 11th along with a first look at new character Skyquake. Thanks to Christopher for sending the links and his write-up below since his summary is better than what I would have written. On a related note, ToonZoon has confirmed with a Hub executive that Transformers: Prime is being renewed for a second season of 26 episodes.

Update: has just posted the first commercial for the upcoming season and now verified the time slot as Fridays at 6:30pm EST/3:30pm PST. A copy below, official version at EW link. Thanks to Christopher for the update.
All three links are from next week's episode "Masters and Students". The animation seems to have improved a little, and the voice acting remains top-notch.

In the first clip, the Decepticons, especially Soundwave, are clearly unhappy with Starscream. It's also proof that the Eradicons are sentient - what kind of mindless drone would question Starscream about lost hope, an emotional function? It's also very clear how pissed Soundwave is - look how stiffly he nods his head. Also, who knew Starscream was such a ham?
The second clip is a humorous scene with the kids and their Autobot guardians working on their science projects, much to Ratchet's chagrin. Cullen sounds a bit more relaxed as Optimus in this clip, and Jeffrey Combs still sounds very good as a flustered Ratchet. The interaction between Arcee and Jack is gold.
And finally - dun-dun-dun - here's the mysterious Skyquake. He heavily resembles his G2 counterpart, as well as Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon, but has Animated Lockdown's face. The result is the TF: Prime version of Chuck Norris.
Skyquake is more reminescent of the traditonal Seeker body, with the cockpit front torso. He's bulky, green, and to me looks like a bulkier version of Animated Starscream. He charges like a bull, flailing his arms towards whoever he's attacking in this scene, and later shots establish him to be as tall as Optimus. His roar as he charges appears to be Kevin Michael Richardson (who already voices Bulkhead and the Eradicon who questioned Starscream in the other clip). I thought I saw a sword hilt on his back in the previous picture of him, but I think it was just a plain old kibble. I'll wait until the full episode airs to decide, but, one more note, other then his wings pointing downward on his back, he easily is a huge homage to his G2 (if my memory is correct) counterpart.


  1. Epic, just...epic

  2. Skyquake was leader of the G1 Predators.


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