Thursday, February 17, 2011

Transformers 3 Super Bowl Spot Twitter Stats

If you consider Twitter as a bit of an authority on what interests America (and the world) at any given time, than you might find how well Transformers: Dark of the Moon's Super Bowl trailer very interesting. The game scored a record breaking count of 111 million viewers providing a lot of potential eyeballs for the $3 million commercial and the stats from Fast Company seem to indicate the high price tag was worth it for Paramount.

Overall the Transformers 3 TV spot was the second most popular spot with 49,559 mentions after the Doritos commercial (77,799) in tweet volume. In pure "velocity", TF3 was number one with most volume of tweets in a short period of time but the side effect is people moved on just as quickly. In terms of positives, the report grabbed 2k random tweets and graded them as positive, neutral or negative. While the VW "The Force" commercial was the most liked Super Bowl commercial by 90% of tweeters, the TF3 spot was the second most liked spot with a score of 74% positive tweets followed by Captain America (74%), and Thor (72%).

From looking at the various graphs it does seem Twitter fatigue might have also set in as the second half did not get nearly as much tweeting as the first (but then the quality of the commericals took a drop too) so the choice of airing the ad early in the second quarter was smart. Long story short while some people, especially online reviewers, expressed a dislike of the commercial it seems those in the Twitter-verse liked it very much. A good sign for what is going to be a very competitive and crowded summer movie release calendar. Thanks to Winston R. for the link.

The 2011 Top 11 Commercials by Volume
1. Doritos -- 77,799 mentions
2. Transformers 3 -- 49,559
3. Chrysler -- 49,079
4. Coca-Cola/Coke -- 33,082
5. Volkswagen/VW -- 30,050
6. Groupon -- 30,011
7. Chevrolet/Chevy -- 25,743
8. Captain America -- 25,315
9. Sketchers -- 23,859
10. Thor -- 23,096
11. Pepsi Max -- 18,849

The 2011 Top 10 Commercials by Velocity
1. Transformers 3
2. Chrysler
3. Doritos
4. Sketchers
5. Thor
6. Captain America
7. Volkswagen/VW
8. Coca-Cola/Coke
9. Groupon
10. Chevrolet/Chevy
11. Pepsi Max


  1. Nice bit of when does the next trailer come out?!?

  2. Speculation has it Mr/Mrs Anonymous that it will premier tomorrow night with I am Number 4 or wtf ever its called

  3. -ep-
    number 4 is out something should POP out later on online hopefully

  4. Is the trailer comming today? I thought it was going to be shown in mars.

  5. ^^ do you mean march? :P too much andrew basiago?


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