Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Transformers: Rising Storm Preview and Interview

Tomorrow will bring the first issue of Transformers: Rising Storm which is one of the two prequel comics for Transformers: Dark of the Moon hitting comic book stores. The other is Transformers: Foundation which takes place even before the first movie. MTV posted a brief interview with Transformers editor Andy Schmidt as he talks about the comics and posted a 7 page preview (mirrored here).
MTV NEWS: What guidelines were you given for the series in order to make it gel with the movie’s continuity?
ANDY SCHMIDT: We were asked to do what we would want to do anyway, which is tie-in with the universe as established and lead into the movie in a meaningful way.

MTV: Do the comics take place right before the film starts, years before it starts, or something else entirely?
SCHMIDT: There are two prequel series: "Foundation" takes place long before the events of even the first film. The second prequel is "Rising Storm," and that one leads directly into the opening of the new film. It takes place in between the second and third films, sort of bridging the two.

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