Thursday, March 17, 2011

IDW June Transformers Comics

IDW Publishing has released their publishing plans for June that is one of their biggests month yet due to Tranformers: Dark of the Moon being released at the end of the month. The month will have eight Transformers books (4 of em the movie adaptation), one trade and the first TF comic hardcover in ages. If you are interested in the books, just let your local comic book store know. For the full details of IDW's other books including GI Joe, Star Trek, Angel and more click here.

Transformers # 20
Mike Costa (w) • Guido Guidi (a) • Marcelo Matere, Guido Guidi (c)
Through a series of misunderstandings, Rodimus and his two strange new partners arrive on a planet we haven't visited in a long time, and meet a few other 'bots everyone thought were lost forever. Those are a lot of vague words, because this issue has a TON of surprises. Check them out in SPACE OPERA Part 2.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • 2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

100 Penny Press: Transformers Classics #1
Bill Mantlo, Ralph Macchio (w) • Frank Springer, Kim DeMulder (a) • Bill Sienkiewicz (c)
Check out where it all started, before it was the massive movie-spawning franchise it is today! After saving their own world from a celestial catastrophe, the Autobots and Decepticons have crashed landed on Earth. Each side sets out to explore their new surroundings, seeking resources and, possibly, allies. Don't miss the issue that started it all!
FC • 32 pages • $1.00

Transformers: Heart of Darkness #4 (of 4)
Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning(w) • Ulises Farinas (a) • Farinas, Casey Coller, Livio Ramondelli (c)
THE ROAD TO “CHAOS” ENDS HERE! With his army assembled, Galvatron is ready to take the Heart of Darkness back to Cybertron. But first, he must now face down the ultimate threat, a force of unimaginable power and overwhelming darkness. Will Galvatron stand strong or will he bend to the will of inescapable evil? HoD leads directly into “CHAOS”—the first-ever TRANSFORMERS event book from IDW!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • 2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1-to-1 ratio

Transformers 3: Movie Adaptation #1-4
John Barber (w) • Jorge Jimenez Moreno (a & c)
TRANSFORMERS 3: DARK OF THE MOON is geared up to be the biggest blockbuster of the decade, and this beautifully illustrated adaptation of the story is the best place to live and re-live the adventure! Join your favorite heroes: OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE as they face off against the most wretched villains: MEGATRON and STARSCREAM and thrill at the new adventure that will have people talking for years to come!
FC • 32 pages each • $3.99 each

Transformers Prime, Vol. 3
Joseph Kuhr (w) • Various (a & c)
Trouble between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS continues as both sides find themselves in old situations but on new turf. Can OPTIMUS PRIME and his team disrupt the destructive plans that MEGATRON is about to unleash upon Earth?
TPB • FC • $7.99 • 104 Pages • 5” x 7” • ISBN: 978-1-60010-960-7

Transformers Classics, Vol. 1
Bob Budiansky, Bill Mantlo, Ralph Macchio, Jim Salicrup (w) • Frank Springer, Alan Kupperberg, William Johnson, Mike Manley, Ricardo Villamonte, Herb Trimpe, Don Perlin (a) • Guido Guidi (c)
Relive the original Transformers stories that started it all—now re-mastered and re-presented! Pulling from the original '80s Marvel material, this first volume offers some of the most beloved stories from TRANSFORMERS' history, including the seminal "Car Wash of Doom," "Crater Critters," "Warrior School!" and many others in their entirety.
TPB • FC • $24.99 • 276 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-935-5

Transformers: The Complete All Hail Megatron
Shane McCarthy, Simon Furman, Andy Schmidt, Nick Roche, Mike Costa, Josh Van Rekk, Shaun Knowler (w) • Guido Guidi, Casey Coller, E.J Su, Robert Deas, Emiliano Santalucia, Don Figueroa, Andrew Griffith, Nick Roche, Robbie Musso, Marcelo Matere (a) • Trevor Hutchison (c)
The DECEPTICONS have won, the AUTOBOTS are defeated, and the time for conquest is at hand! After finally succeeding in defeating the AUTOBOTS, the DECEPTICONS set about ruling our planet with an iron fist. Their forces invade and control New York City where, before long, they manage to cripple the United States. It's a war between the armed forces of the United States of America and a giant species of technologically advanced killing machines—a war that suddenly becomes incredibly one-sided! That is, unless the AUTOBOTS can muster their ranks and come to humanity’s aid. But the way things are going on Earth, nothing short of a miracle will save the planet from utter extinction!
HC • FC • $75.00 • 492 Pages • 7x11 • ISBN: 978-1-60010-955-3


  1. When the Hell are they going to start putting out movie news concept art and etc...the movie is 4 months away and we haven't been getting anything..crazy man

  2. True, I remember around this time two years ago. This blog was buzzing with discussions and opinions fueled by new trailers, concept arts and confirmations of new characters. Now it's very quiet.

  3. its dead. there is nothing to talk about movie wise unfortunately.
    im not really interested in the 1000s of other story lines and alternate dimensions listed in this post

  4. I've see trailers and pics for Thor..priest since December 2010..its out in 2 months....there must be DOTM CGI's roaming somewhere...

  5. anyway...we have one more week...7days- march 25th..LET'S GO!


    Possible trailer description has been posted. The debate is on as to whether it's real. Sounds awesome to me!

  7. thanks for the bit of news chad to end the dry spell!

    i tend to believe it as the guy cant remember much, and who could as fast as a bay trailer usually plays out.

  8. Yea its all over tfw2005 already...the debate...and this trailer is gonna kick ass,I think bay got this one right!!!

  9. Is it really true were getting a trailer on the 25th? On every site I have been to, everybody says march 25.


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