Tuesday, March 08, 2011

More DOTM Toys Linkfest with Laserbeak

The Transformers: Dark of the Moon leaks seem to continue at a brisk fest. I already have enough from today alone to bring another link fest of sorts with images of upcoming releases both official and unofficial. The galleries include possible first look at the toy for Laserbeak, Nitro Bumblebee, Mudflap and in package look at various leader, voyager and deluxe class figures. Thanks to Foxtail and Sahara for links.

Deluxe Nitro Bumblebee? (x6, rest at link)
A leaked toy list indicated that Bumblebee might have more than one deluxe release for Dark of the Moon. As the images show, it seems it is more than just a repaint but not sure if that means the transformation is different. (via Allspark)

DOTM Laserbeak? (x2, below)
While unconfirmed, it is possible that TaoBao has the first look at the toy version of Laserbeak that was spotted in the Transformers Super Bowl commercial. It is about deluxe size like from the toy list but I can't figure out what the alt mode is. The G1 counterpart's alt mode was a cassette so obviously that is out. (via AllSpark)

Deluxe Mudflap Images (x2, below)
He may have hit the edit room floor but that isn't stopping Hasbro from releasing the Twins with a new mold and color scheme. It is too early to see if Mudflap is just a repaint of his twin (or vice versa) but at least the color scheme pops. (via Seibertron)

Hasbro 3D Site Update
In conjunction with the release of the limited edition Cyberverse Optimus Prime with 3D glasses, Hasbro has now update their official Transformers site to start promoting the upcoming DOTM line. Once a week they are going to reveal via 3D (effect can be cut off) of various upcoming toys that uses a little stop motion to for the transformation. Voyager Optimus Prime was revealed this week. After that it will be deluxe Bumblebee (3/22), deluxe Ratchet (3/29), deluxe Starscream (4/5), voyager Megatron (4/12), voyager Ironhide (4/19), and leader Sentinel Prime (5/3). (via TFW2005)

Various DOTM Official Images (x12, at link)
Hit the link to view official Hasbro images of deluxe Crankcase, Bumblebee, and Ratchet along with voyager Ironhide both in and out of their packaging. The link also provides their package bio but nothing spoilerish is revealed.

Voyager, Leader class in Packaging (x8, below)
Why wait for Hasbro's site when Japanese online toy store Red Mercury has posted the packaging images of leader Sentinel Prime and Bumblebee along with voyager Optimus Prime and Megatron. Could be the image quality but Sentinel in box doesn't look nearly as impressive nor does Prime compared to previous voyager Optimuses.


  1. Well hopefully they release whatever that rolling thing was in the teaser as some say was soundwave...laserbeak looks good!!!

  2. Martinus Prime3/09/2011 8:25 AM

    Leader Sentinel Prime and Bumblebee look very good as well.
    Laserbeak indeed looks very good. I don't Laserbeak has an alt-mode at all, neither did Ravage.

    I hope we'll soon get to know who the Merc and Ferrari en ofcourse the rolling thing are!

  3. Ravage had that "entry mode" but I don't think laserbeak will need it.

  4. where's soundwave!!

  5. Laserbeak looks great! I may have to pick him up too.

  6. Does anyone have a problem with Lazerbeak's face being a sticker? How cheap is that?

  7. That would be a problem, but worry not....the right-side pic is his alt mode. I'm sure his head is tucked back somehow, revealing the "face" sticker

  8. Laserbeaks alt mode is the mode with the helmet and sticker. His original mode is the dragon mode with the long neck.

    Sentinel`s paint job is shit


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