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More Dark of the Moon Spoilers from Peru

TFW2005's Neo-Bombshell has provided more spoilers from Transformers: Dark of the Moon to add to the Childrens Book ones. It is a good thing that Transformers is mostly an exercise in eye candy of CGI delights because most of the story secrets have been blown. He was part of a group of people that were allowed to see a 30 minute preview of the film. Based on the description (below), it seems it was a series of disconnected scenes rather than just taking a 30 minute section of the film and showing it. Thanks to Winston for the link.


Hi guys, I am so excited about this! I am a member of a well know Transformers community in Peru, Transformers Peru, and last year we started working with our local hasbro representatives to promote their products in our activities.

Well, we got an invitation, for an exclusive promotional show of DOTM. Me and 5 more friends were in a local movie theater, together with people related to Hasbro and Movies distribution here. We didn't know what was going to be at all. It was full of security so we couldn't take any pics but at the exit of the theater.

At first they showed us 20 minutes of Super 8.

Then we saw Michael's Bay introduction to the movie which he states that will be the best 3D movie ever. I wsa trying to guess to whom was this message:

"And you will meet Sam's new girlfriend, since the other one abandoned him"


Well, I think a lot of you may ahve read the script tips, but beware, there's a lot of spoilers here, so please don't read if you want to be spoiled.

* First scene with Carly and SAm living together in their apartment. Carly is so freaking HOT! She gaves Sam courage to his job interview, and Sam complains why the government nevr gave him a job after saving the planet twice.

* We see how carly and Sam met, at the White House the day President Obama gave Sam a Medal.

* A lot of scenes take us to the last trailer's parts. We see how Eps, Sam and other soldiers drive a car among the destruction over Chicago as they try to get to Carly.

Epps explain Sam that is impossible "It's over" and we see some great Decepticons ships taking down planes and shooting directly over civilians whose skulls are the only thing left.

When everything seems to be the end, the Decepticon ship is taken down by OP, and we see the Wreckers come, transform (sad to say it this part was unfinishised animation, it looked like a PS1 game XD ) and break the Decepticon Pilot limb by limb.

* We see Mirage transforming and BB form the scne he shows his weapons in car mode, shooting and destroying all around.

* Very funny scene with Jhon Malkovich as Sam's interviewer for his first job. In one moment, Jhon calls an assistant since one of her secretaries is using a red mug and he says that it does not combine with the yeloow carpet, and instantly a guy takes the cup and throw it to the garbage.

* Another funny scene with a Chinese guy who works with Sam and recognizes him as the "guy who knows the aliens", he takes Sam to a bathroom and fight with him inside to take his pants down to give Sam his "testimonial" and after that they get out to be caught by Jhon Malkovich who is obviously surprised to see that chinese guy with his pants down and Sam next to him. XD

* The longest scene was the one with Sam, Carly, Epps and a lot of soldiers escaping and hiding in Chicago. Then, Sam and Carly get lost just to be found by Starscream. Sam, uses kind of a gauntlet to shoot an arpoon to Screamer's eyes, he keeps hunging and then he inserts a bomb in the other Screamer's eye. The Lennox and his group get and fight Screamer. Sam and Lennox are hunging while sam says the bomb is about to explote.

* A great scene is when we see Sideswipe (using his cannons as the Sidearm version) and Ironhide posing and pointing 2 con's.

* Inside the building, we see the fight between Sam, carly, Epps and his group. As the building collapses, they fight a drone and they jump over the windows and use the building as a slide.

* Another great scene, where the marines plan their strike and Screamer destroys a few copters and the marines jumps and fly over the building of CHicago chased by several Deceticons ships.

* The 3D scenes were AWESOME, very clear and defined. The 3D effect looks and feel great. All the bots look very impressive.

* The first 3D scene we saw was with Carly in her job, organizing a Car's collection. There, Sam meets her and tell her that he got the job. Then we see Carly's boss and SAm's feels jelous.

* OP walking over the street full of explosions and taking down 2 drones.

* Shockwave as we saw on the trailer, but here we could see that he was standing over the mechanical slug that we see on the trailer and we see a few more seconds of him.

In the end, I do velieve this movie will be GREAT! 3D lookd georgeus and the way the movie runs this time is a lot more serious and great.

Thanks Hasbro, Paramount and Michael Bay!

This was on of the greatest days of my life!


  1. Ratchet gets no fucking love :(

  2. Man truthfully I wanna see sideswipe and bumblebee and mirage all teaming up with each other to take down some cons in some epik action lol.

  3. No wheeljack damn damn damn

  4. I want more transformer movies. I really love this robot characters since it was only in cartoon.

  5. Optimus Prime taking down a ship!
    I love to see that on the big screen!


  6. OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!

    That will be my favourite!!!! FUCK YEAH I CAN BARELY BREATHE


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