Friday, May 13, 2011

DOTM Children Books Reveal Spoilers

Two images from book removed due to DCMA request from whoever the publisher is. If they had contacted me directly could have learned what else they found questionable but I guess contacting me directly like an adult is beyond their capabilities.

Last week a leak of the comic book adaptation of Transformers: Dark of the Moon revealed major story spoilers from the moon that was significant enough to get Don Murphy to force all sites (including this one) to take them down. The info is significant enough that I don't recommend looking for it. Now this week it seems the childrens' book of "The Lost Autobot" and "Optimus Prime's Friends and Foes" is doing the same thing but not nearly at the same degree as Cth from TFW2005 reports (mirror). Thanks to Feris Othman for the link.

To start with what I don't consider spoilers (the name and alt mode of characters), the images do finally confirm beyond doubt that the alt mode of Wheeljack (aka "Einstein")is the blue Mercedes-Benz E550. A whole lot of hints up to now made it common knowledge but this is the first real piece f official anything that put it all together. This would mean that Wheeljack is the new BFF for Wheelie that Nelson mentioned.


- "Megatron never gives up. He hides from the Autobots in the sandy desert while he plans his next attack."
- "Laserbeak can turn into a stereo, a television, or a computer. He hides in plain sight to spy on humans."
- "More Decepticons hide on the moon, waiting to come to Earth and take over the planet."
- "The Wreckers are mechanics who are helping a human named Epps rebuild an Autobot spaceship. They will make it fly again." (the ark perhaps?)
- "Optimus turns his trailer into a shield. He fireback at Shockwave and slices the driller."
- "[Sentinel Prime] has a giant rust cannon that can destroy metal objects."
- "Shockwave rides a beast that look like a big drill."
- Russians discovered the Ark, later the Autobots go to the moon to investigate and find Sentinel Prime.
- Sentinel vs Optimus. SP: "To save our own kind, we must take over the planet. I did not want to betray you." OP: "You betrayed yourself." Laser blast his Sentinels cannon, giving Optimus a chance to grab it.


  1. It was Wheelie and Brains that are the buddy duo if I remember correctly. They are both small as well. If you've read the prequel comics you will see who Brains is and how he and Wheelie get along.

  2. Oh yay! Wheeljack! :D

    Although I kinda wish it looked a little more like him. But whatever. I'm just glad everybody's favorite Autobot mad scientist is in the film.

  3. So it's confirmed that the Ferrari 458 Italia is Mirage?

  4. Publisher asked for these to be taken down on the TFW2005 website earlier today. Hope it doesn't happen here too.

    Not really a fan of Wheeljack but then again I didn't really care for him in G1 either

  5. Mirage looks badass!

  6. All the Sentinel Prime stuff, is really annoying me... I kinda dissapointed.

  7. Darn, I really wished that the Red Italia was going to be Hot Rod. My favorite Autobot (sad face).


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