Friday, May 06, 2011

Wheeljack Revealed?

An unofficial Transformers Dark of the Moon Facebook page has posted the below picture that could prove that the alt mode of Wheeljack is the blue Mercedes-Benz E550. The pic on the left is a panel from the comic book adaptation. From the comments, the image on the right is about 45 seconds into the trailer when Optimus enters warehouse talking about the "grave mistake" being made. There isn't enough detail to verify if the head matches "Einstein." Thanks to DJ.Bigtyme Beats for the link.


  1. The image on the right is a screen cap from the trailer. The part when Optimus tells the woman that they made a "grave msitake", just before that when he walks to the bridge you can see that Autobot standing just on the other side of him.

  2. The image on the right is from the recently released trailer...around 0:45 of the trailer.

  3. The image on the right came from the latest trailer (as Optimus declares "You lied to us!")

  4. The image on the right is from the second trailer. When Optimus is talking to the lady in the hanger about lying to them and stuff.

  5. When I saw the trailer I thought that was Jolt.

  6. I really hope that stupid Einstein head we saw months back belongs to Brains and not Wheeljack. It would do Wheeljack a disservice...that's a dumb looking design. The G1/Tranformers Prime Wheeljack design is thousands of times cooler. He was one of my favorite characters in G1.

  7. I hope the Einstein head isn't Wheeljack's head.

  8. I think you can tell that the bot shown in the comic adaptation pic and the trailer screen capture are one in the same, and unfortunately that means Wheeljack has been transformed into a complete ass.

    The evidence:

    1) The bot in the comic adaptation pic does not have symmetrical shoulders. There is something that sticks up above the shoulders on the left side that is not present on the right side. This feature matches the bot shown in the trailer screen capture.

    2) The bot in the comic adaption pic appears to have a bulbous cranium with tufts of something sticking out form either side. The same goes for the bot in the trailer screen capture.

    I really hope I'm wrong about this because Wheeljack was a cool character with a unique look. It could have been easily translated into the movie verse in a cool way. This thing looks nothing like him. He looks more like Skids and Mudflap's retarded grandfather.

    It's just disappointing from the perspective of a Wheeljack fan. Also, where is the continuity here? If I'm not mistaken, the Wheeljack in the Rising Storm series even looks different from the one in the movie adaptation????

    The one in Rising Storm looked cool. He was updated, but he still bore some resemblance to the Wheeljack we all know, including the one we've seen most recently in Transformers Prime.

    Also, I've thought that Jolt, an entirely made up character for the movie, would have made a passable Wheeljack. It certainly would have been much better than what it looks like we're going to get in this movie.

    Oh well, I guess if there's going to be an intelligent bot in the movie that, like Bay said, can invent shit and make stuff, it's perfectly fine to base it's design on a dorky, lets make him look like Einstein stereo type, rather than trying to use the characters unique, original look and updating it into something cool.

    I wonder if Wheeljack is supposed to serve as comic relief in the movie? Time will tell.

  9. Wait...the owner of this blog didn't know after all this time that the Einstein bot was in the trailer?

    First he reveals in the previous post that Carly's car is Soundwave.....something that is meant to be a major twist and reveal in the movie, and now this?

    Blog are truly a dumb ass. And the integrity of this blog weakens every day.

  10. Actually it's the third trailer. We had the announcement trailer,the superbowl spot and now this one.

    Only bad thing about everything having to be moderated. Multiple posts containing the same information

  11. Say what again...where's that image of the blue Mercedes from? (kidding, don't need another post with the same observation)

    Are we allowed to make comments again or will they get censored/removed like all the other comments in the last thread with the plot/script reveals?

  12. you guys repeated the same statement but in different words, lol.

  13. The image on the right...

  14. I'm afraid that we're just gonna have to accept it. Wheeljack is going to have a human stereotype personality and he's going to look stupid. Bay obviously thinks that the audience of his movies are so unintelligent that if its gonna come across that two robots are meant to be stupid, they have too LOOK incredibly stupid. And if a robot is supposed to be a smart inventor, he has to look like Albert Einstein. You know, it's almost strange that Megatron doesn't wear a black patch over one of his eyes and smokes.

  15. @ the anonymous who said the blog owner is a dumbass, you are the dumbest ass of all you piece of shit

    If you don't like this blog, get get the fuck off of it. You're nothing more than a troll.

    To the owner of this blog, you are awesome to run this amazing blog. Please don't be bothered by or feed the troll, just ignore him and eventually he'll die out :]

  16. Martinus Prime5/07/2011 7:54 AM

    This doesn't confirm anything. In previous news there was said that the adaptation doesn't have the exactlybthe same as the movie, that's why it's called an adaptation.

    I think it's bull, if Bay said the truth a while back. He said there will be comic relief as in 2 new small characters one unnamed and a bot called "Brains" that invents stuff, that'll most probably be based on Wheeljack.
    So maybe we won't get Wheeljack at all.

    In the trailer you can see clearly the "Einstein" head.

    An I think it's save to say the "Einstein" Autobot (Brains?)in the trailer is not the blue Mercedes, that robot is imo way too small for a car that big. The blue Mercedes robot-form has to be at least as big as Bumblebee.

    And yes, if you make plotspoilers from the adaptation, it's save to say your comments will be deleted. Who the hell wants to know plotspoilers anyway? I hate it when I read something like that in your comments. It can ruin the movie!

  17. He is Wheeljack, I posted this in other boards back in October. I worked on the set in Detroit, they definitely had a cutout of his head, with a designation on the back that said "WJ".

    It's Wheeljack, get used to it.

  18. Blog owner, here's an update for you. In the last issue of Rising Storm comic, the prequel to DOTM movie both Wheeljack and Mirage were badly wounded by Shockwave. Ratchet promised Optimus he can patch them up again but they will not be the same as before, also Shockwave killed both Jolt and Elita 1. So that image in the trailer most definitely would be Wheeljack.

  19. yes blue mercedes is wheeljack

    read comic 4 and you see g1 wheeljack die to shot by shockwave

  20. Oh, great. We have two Mercedes', one blue, one silver. We have two iconic Transformers, Soundwave and Wheeljack. One blue, one silver. Do we make the iconic blue Transformer the blue Mercedes, and the iconic silver Transformer the silver Mercedes? Oh no, let's switch them up.

    As much as I love these movies, some things just don't make sense...

  21. Anonymous 1:28 that could be a potential movie spoiler if true and a little warning would have been nice

  22. Natalia 12:20 spoiler warning would have been nice.....never know what's in the movie especially being that all those characters are potentially in it...

  23. It's funny how Bay said that the car companies shy away from allowing their vehicles to be portrayed as the bad characters. However, it doesn't look like they care if their car is personified by a stupid looking character.

    if I were part of the marketing department for Mercedes, I'd have serious doubts about the look of the character for the blue Mercedes. Something resembling the original Wheeljack would have been much better for the image of their brand...


  24. For those that still didn't get it... this blog is part of Paramount and Bay marketing campaign. It's just that obvious.
    And the same goes for forums censoring people posting any kinda complaints or doubts.
    Just think. They don't want you think and even whisper others what you can see. They want people blind and like sheeps giving money to them despite the mess they did on this 3rd movie.

  25. Personally I never really cared for Wheeljack that much do what he looks like isn't really that big of a deal to me.

    I would have preferred to see Hot Rod in this movie. He was one of my favs

  26. Guys, It's a movie. We are all going to see it and put money in the studio's pocket, Michael Bay's pocket. Just enjoy it. There is nothing anyone can do about it. This is supposed to be fun. You guys need to breathe. Blog owner, I thank you for your time in producing this. I have enjoyed it from the beginning. I apologize for all these folks on here that are taking it too seriously.

  27. @Anonymous 5/07/2011 11:43 PM: who the heck are you to tell anyone that you apologize for those that dare to say anything that Paramount and Bay wouldn't like,uh?

  28. With this moderated now why is it the trolls are still being allowed to post?

  29. Apparently im the only adult here. Do you really think that this blog is a conspiracy by Paramount and Bay? For what purpose? Because the millions of dollars for promotions for the movie aren't enough? Time to give up the conspiracy theory and come out of your parent's basement buddy. Stop ruining this for everyone with your negative comments and attacks. You know you will be the first one waiting outside to see the movie.

  30. ^^ ...the "uh?" Troll is back


  31. @ Anonymous 4:!5am

    have you guys really run out of things to say that you have to regurgitate the same things you have been saying over and over?

  32. hmm its funny, because I made a very normal post the other spoilers, no swearing...just my usual transformers post...and guess did'nt make it on here? Why I have no idea...

    ...and yet, all I am reading is more troll trash, spoiler after spoiler (if you can believe them)

    So why is it that my "normal" post got cut out...while these garbage troll infected posts are allowed??

    I like this site...been on here for a while, anyone can backtrack and see that I dont make any negative or troll style chatting about the movie and transformers in general...but I have to say, I am a little pissed with this blog owner...

    If you are going to control spoilers...then do it

    If you are going to "control" or moderate the troll activity..then do it

    But try an READ the actual full post before deciding...cause obviously you did not read mine...

    This is sad tflamb...Im outta here...

    Sony owns up to deceptive marketing blog
    by Blake Snow on Dec 13th 2006 4:03PM
    Sony owned up to its deceptive marketing and pitiful attempts in feigning a consumer fansite promoting the PSP today. But only after removing several posts that contained hundreds of critical "we're on to you" comments. The statement from the site reads:

    "Busted. Nailed. Snagged. As many of you have figured out (maybe our speech was a little too funky fresh???), Peter isn't a real hip-hop maven and this site was actually developed by Sony. Guess we were trying to be just a little too clever. From this point forward, we will just stick to making cool products, and use this site to give you nothing but the facts on the PSP. Sony Computer Entertainment America"

    Funky fresh? Confusing cleverness with deceit? You're still not getting it. Regardless, kudos for admitting to the mistake, but an apology to your customers while leaving up critical comments would have been better. Also, just know your products got a little less "cool" in the process. Think of it as consumer restitution.

  34. I moderate for comic related spoilers and R rated content. Already killed 10 posts for that. As for Burner's tirade, his walked right up the line. He avoided character names but did reveal spoilers. The argument could be he described the first two movies on how it was written but decided to err on the side of caution. Nice thing about being the blog owner is I get to be as arbitarary as I feel like being gat any moment in time. I try not to abuse it but if don't like it there are other places to go.

  35. If the 'Brains' character is supposed to be living with Sam & Mika... Carly in Washington before the film starts then how unlikely is to expect they might put a 'wig' on it so can walk round in public ? It certainly looks like that in the prequel comics. Afterall, the robots are not biological in their organic make-up and so wouldn't have 'hair'. From rumours I get the impression 'Brains' is somewhat of an inventor and it is he who creates Sam's 'grapple-glove'...

    Does anyone know how high off the ground the head prop was positioned ? If only low-level then likely to be a 'mini-bot' like Wheelie.

    Merely a thought... !

  36. thought this might be of interest

    James Avery will provide the voice of Silverbolt.

    Brains, a small and intelligent Autobot who built Sam's grappling gun glove.

    Wheeljack, A blue Mercedes-Benz W212, whose design resembles Albert Einstein.

    The Wreckers, an Autobot sub-team that transform into heavily armed NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet Impala stock cars equipped with machine guns. They function as a Commando Unit. Bill Fagerbakke will voice one of them. The Wreckers are:

    Leadfoot, a Juan Pablo Montoya #42 Target car.
    Steeljaw, the Wreckers fearsome pet that turns into Leadfoot's launcher.

    Frank Welker voices Soundwave, Megatron's communication officer, now transforms into a silver Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

    Laserbeak, Soundwave's minion that resembles a mechanical condor and transforms into a Gyrodyne.

  37. The only new info there (as far as I'm aware) is that about Steeljaw;

    Personally I think it'd look cool if a mechanical beast were to leap & 'latch on' to the side of the impala or robot mode to fire a projectile, then falling off and before landing converting back to beast mode.

    I read Bay has said that any previously killed characters are dead and will stay dead, i.e. no Jazz. This is fine by me as it means we won't get recycled robot modes from TF1 or 2. However, not even the prequel comics explain how Ravage is capably 'up & about' after Bee pulled his tail outta his ar$e in RotF !! Not all will read the prequel comics so how they gonna explain that ?!!

    And to end on, I for one hope like hell they show how & why the Ark crashes. I prey the first scene isn't the Ark falling out of orbit and into the moon. I wanna see some Cybertron footage (please don't bring C'tron to Earth... that's just lame !).

  38. My "deleted" post included no spoilers what so ever...basically I was referring directly to previous "allowed" posts above mine often in the same thread, they were allowed to post, yet I was not allowed to comment on those posts? These troll and spoiler posts can still be found on here. Those posts were using names and specific situations. I used no names, no situations, and even stated that it was not a spoiler post at but rather empty speculation...and it was only concerning posts above me....and not the actual spoilers that "you" put up on here.

    so ya...i dont understand

    I dont expect you to post this either... These threads are full of wanabe spoilers with direct names and situations...and loads of trolling. And it is all up to you to moderate it if you choose to, as you are the blog owner...but please, try an see the intentions behind the post as you read them. It will help you become a better moderator...

    nothing personal tflamb...but I feel I needed to state my intention. As it was not to spoil anything for anyone... :(

    and yes...i will move on to see what other blogs are out there,

    take care guys...see you at the movie !! :D !

  39. I had heard someone on the boards say James Avery was Silverbolt in the game only. To me that sounds like he is in the movie as well.

    Felt like that was more confirmation on Wheeljack as well.

    I personally didn't know it was Brains that built the grappling glove.

    Overall I submitted just in case some people had missed some things and felt it was more confirmation on what was already speculated on

  40. Anonymous 5/08/2011 8:23 PM

    How does that article have anything to do with this blog?? and it's from 2006!

  41. I remember a Transformers drawing contest over at TFW2005 a while back and I believe the winning character was Wheeljack. The winner would get their character in the new movie. I don't remember the drawing being the best one. Maybe the producers of the movie saw the most potential in the character.

  42. if you look at the screenshot ...wheeljack's the one nearer to the screen on optiumus's right NOT to his left ...comapre with the rising storm comics and you'lls ee the resemblance


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