Thursday, May 05, 2011

Transformers Linkfest

While it has been a pretty busy week in Transformers: Dark of the Moon news (yeah bit of an understatement), the non-movie related links have been stacking up. The latest round news of a fan wish to continue Marvel's Transformers comics, Transformers: Prime score, Starscreams, TF lego creations, a custom Pretender, G1 related DVD news, and bunch of Peaugh reviews.

Fans Petition for Transformers Comic
Hit the link for the full details but the summary is Simon Furman, writer of many things Transformers, expressed interested continuing the stories of Transformers from the Marvel comics continuity, fans listened. The idea is the same as what IDW is already doing with G.I. Joe A Real American Hero title so in theory a new issue would start with Transformers #81. According to Simon, "There was a lot we never got to do, that I’d like to revisit or just to take the next big steps with all that we’d set up in the previous 20 or so issues." Currently the petition has 1705 names but could always have more.

Transformers: Prime Score for Free
TF: Prime composer Brian Tyler has posted 10 tracks of music from the first season of the series. Not available for download just yet but still a great listen. Really except for Batman: The Animated Series I don't recall last time a cartoon series has such a solid score.

Lego Optimus Prime (27x)
While Hasbro has its response with the Kre-Q line, the gallery of images at the link shows that there still isn't nothing like a well-built Lego model. The Lego Prime figure is built from 10k pieces and stands 55cm tall. (via TFormers)

Starscreams Talk Botcon 2011
An amusing CGI promotional video for Botcon 2011 that is just a month away that pits Starscream against Starscream. Sadly I am not going but hope those that do have fun.

Lego Blurr (50x)
Speaking of, hit the link for another Lego model, this time for the G1 version of Blurr that appears to be able to transform. The large gallery also includes a look at Hot Rod and Springer (I think but not sure). (via Collecticon)

Challenge of the Gobots to DVD
Back in the mid-80s there was actually another transforming robot line with cartoon series called the Gobots. The mythology and transformations were not as good but the toys were not that bad over all. While the rights to the line were later bought by Hasbro (and then left to rot), it is nice to know that not everything is forgotten as the series is hitting DVD along with other Hanna-Barbara Saturday morning cartoons. It is a shame the days of weekday afternoon and Saturday cartoons are a now dead tradition.

Custom Pretender Groundbreaker (17x)
Click the link to view the gallery of images for a custom Transformers figure Pretender Groundbreaker. The Pretender line was a very odd line from late 80s that put basic (and ugly) TFs inside equally ugly plastic shells. This custom re-creates Groundbreaker but with a much better paint job and more. Not entirely sure if this uses a Transformers as a base starting point or if a complete original construction based on that toy.

No English Dubs for Transformers Headmasters DVD Set
Shout Factory announced that they are bringing Japan's Headmasters series to the US on July 5th, 2011 (Amazon). This and other Japan TF series more or less continued the G1 cartoons for an additional 3 years or so with toys and everything but in often wild new directions. A question that came up is how the dubbing would be handled for the Headmasters set. The answer is it will not be any dubbing. While there are fan made versions out there (wonder where), Hasbro nixed the idea as they objected to the content of some of the dubbing along with the use of Japan names for the characters (confusion concerns). I also willing to bet legal concerns in clearing the rights of the dubbing from the fan voice actors as guild rules and the like would probably kick in even if they are non-members. As for creating new "official" dubs, money is the problem. Many of the original series voice actors (those that are still alive) no longer come cheap and even hiring a new "cast" still is expensive, especially for a DVD set being released for fans and unlikely to exactly break any sales records. As a result, it will be in the original Japanese audio with English subtitles. Assuming this set sells well enough, Shout Factory indicated they may also bring Super-God Masterforce and Victory stateside.

Transformers Prime Storybook App
Hit the link for a press release describing an "Immersive Children's App" for Android and iOS devices. The app will make use of various Hasbro properties including Transformers: Prime. The release says, "The innovative apps will be built organically for mobile devices, weaving original storylines into overarching series themes and incorporating the latest in touch-screen technology to keep content fresh for young, savvy users who are rapidly becoming more adept at consuming digital media."

Perfect Effect Reflector Review
Peaugh's review of this very awesome looking and well designed version of G1 Reflector. For those that down Reflector is the name the name of the trio of robots that formed a camera in the toy line. They actually got a surprising amount of cartoon time considering they were a mail away offer using the points that came with then Transformer purchases. Like an idiot I had saved those points but never turned them in (no idea why not) so never able to get my own until now. Mine is coming in this Friday and if this review is any indication, this very expensive toy (around $95) was worth the cost.

Peaugh Reviews E-Hobby, etc
A collection of recent reviews from Peaugh of Transformers released in Japan. Most are Japan exclusives for E-Hobby based on Classic line molds and none come cheap. Debatable if any are worth getting except for the most diehard collector. Except maybe for Frenzy and Rumble which I wish Hasbro would release.
Battle-Damaged Kup | Kup Head (with cigar) | E-Hobby Cyclonus | E-Hobby Hot Rod | E-Hobby Galvatron | E-Hobby Scourge | E-Hobby Scrapheap | Frenzy & Rumble | Targetmaster Megatron

Side note: Please don't use the comments to discuss any specific story spoilers as I will just have to delete them. This is mostly to protect those that don't want to be spoiled and would not be expecting spoiler information in a post that has nothing to do with the movie.


  1. I'm sad I won't see you at Bot-con! :( I would loved to have met you! :)

    Anyway, I'll be there as upgraded Bumblebee (as shown here in this blog back in 2008) along with a new Ironhide, Arcee, Shockwave, Soundwave, Starscream, Jazz, and MORE. :) We have a whole team of new costumes now that are guaranteed to rock out at Bot-con. :)

  2. This blog proved once again to be part of Paramount.

  3. Had to delete 5 comments because they specifically mentioned major story spoilers which are off topic and makes it difficult for people to choose to avoid. As a result moderation has been enabled (ug).

    Clearly I am OK with spoilers as this blog attests too. But I also believe that people should have a choice to learn and avoid what information they wish to. It is the main reason my blog titles are so dull (well that and can't be bothered to shoot for something more creative). Makes it easy to make that decision.

    Specific spoilers from yesterday will not be accepted as valid posts.

    And really if I worked for Paramount, do you think I would have better things to do then this blog? I mean really, something as simple as an official twitter account or facebook page is far more effective way to do things then "faking" a website as you keep suggesting. Silly person. It is why I can't decide if trolls are just pathetic and worthy of sympathy or really stupid.

  4. I actually didn't bother to read any of those spoilers. I mean, I'm going to watch the movie in the theaters about 15-20 times anyway (same as the first and second movie). What am I going to spoil? :) The popcorn will taste the same but the audience responses from theater to theater are always curiously different after a while.

    Trolls get their kicks off making trouble for others. They throw stones at old ladies and kick the neighborhood cats. That's their nature, to be bullies. I feel sorry for them because they really have nothing better to do but it won't matter to me because I will be in my comfy theater seat. :)

  5. @tflamb: are you serious? Not a very smart way to camouflage yourself. WarnerBros just bought RottenTomatoes... although it hasn't been revealed which multinational groups owned it before...
    And it's not that old news when it was revealed that Sony actually owned many blog and reviews websites that were obviously used for marketing trying to camouflage as fans sites and such.
    Geez! Marketing people really believe that anyone in the world can be so easily fooled.. but not everyone is sleeping as they think.

  6. Anonymous said...

    This blog proved once again to be part of Paramount.
    5/05/2011 2:31 PM

    Then explain why several other sites yanked down spoilers as well. They all part of Paramount?

  7. @ tflamb 2:50 I'm going to go with that they are just pathetic and attention seekers.

  8. @Anonymous 5/05/2011 4:04 P
    Warner Brothers wasn't hiding the fact they were set to acquire Rotten Tomatoes. From '05-'10 RT was owned by Fox, they clearly were'nt helping Fox's films.

    Abour five years ago it was discovered that a marketing firm hired by Sony had created a number of Playstation fan sites.
    I've never heard of Sony's Film division being involved in any similar monkey business...if so please post a link to a story, I'd love to read about it.

  9. i work for paramount and i feel i have been foiled time and time again by astute commentators here on this blog.

    you may have discovered our plans of coercing opinions this time internet, but we will be back...

  10. ya know most of the people who got spoiled are the hard core fans and are gluttons for punishment,like me,i couldn't resist,the vast majority of people don't know any thing about the spoilers,its always us,we do it to ourselves and i like this forum and how its set up, tflamb does a great job at giving us info so if you dont want to get spoiled DON'T READ THE SPOILERS!!!,it's that simple

  11. We should have a petition to get TFLAMB dude to be a Guest at Bot-con. :) The video is quite amusing.

  12. @tflamb: Can't you just disable anonymous posting, then they trolls would probably shut up, if not, then just delete their posts or ban their IP's, etc.

  13. Just made a Google account. I have to make a blog to activate it though. I don't have any ideas of what the blog should be about.


  14. Transformers: Prime main Theme is awesome. And yes, i downloaded it. XD

  15. Does anyone else know a place besides Amazon. com where I can find spoilers? I'm dying here

  16. not real sure if we can post where to find the spoilers on here or not. I have them all but for obvious reasons not going to post them on this site

  17. How do you register for this site anyways? I don't see a registration button anywhere.

  18. Some downloaded the pics

  19. ^^ sure, do google image searches for the comic adaptation.

  20. @tflamb: It’s about time the trolls were banned if possible, don’t you think? Blocking anonymous posting is a reasonable first line of defense, but for the more persistent ones nothing short of repeated bannings will work. Whether the people in question are deserving of pity or simply being stupid is almost beside the point; commenting on a blog is a privilege, not a right, and some people here would do well to remember that. Those are my thoughts, anyway. Since the troll problem is still here, I will resume catching your posts via RSS.

  21. Blogger does not provide the ability to ban anyone. I am considering limiting the site to those that log in. Even that isn't ideal as many people don't have accounts and I know I personally find it annoying that when I just want to drop a quick thought I have to go through hoops to do it. Also I have got great information and links in the past from anonymous commenters so losing that source of info is a bit of an issue.

    The reality of the internet is there will always, without exception, be trolls. It is a fact of the web. To put it more bluntly, there will always be $@%holes. Forcing people to log in isn't going to change that (see any forum site).

  22. Ok but for those of us who post anonymously and aren't trolls. how do we register?

    Personally I like being able to post anonymous because if there is one quick comment I want to make I don't have to mess with typing in my username and password. Just quicker basically. Sure maybe it only takes 10 seconds to do but saving time is saving time either way it goes

  23. New Trailer for Michael Bay's "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" Downloaded Over 6 Million Times in First 24 Hours on iTunes Movie Trailers, Breaking previous record

  24. Hey TFLamb, are you approving post now? Because I tried to post some breaking news under my name before and it has not shown up

  25. As Dennis Leary would say, "you can't take away a person's right to be an a$$hole".


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