Sunday, June 05, 2011

Botcon 2011 Day 3 Linkfest

Day 3 of Botcon 2011 has concluded in Pasadena, California and it seems to have been a good day with panels from Hasbro and Activision among others. The Hall of Fame ceremony was held with Beast War's Waspinator revealed to be the fan choice for inductee. Also lots more Transformers toy pictures from all eras and upcoming exclusives. As was with Day 1 & 2 post, if you see a link, probably worth clicking.

Hall of Fame Goodie Bag
A look at the freebies given to those that attended the Hall of Fame ceremony. Nothing major, just advertisements and the like but worth a moment to click through.

Hasbro Panel
Lots of info on the next six months or so of toy releases that Hasbro has in the pipeline. Hit the link for specifics but a few highlights include Ironhide getting a G1 inspired red repaint, a Cyberverse Battle Pack with Bumblebee and Barricade that was inspired by the D.C. police accident with Bumblebee, and Generations line will continue. As for as Kre-0, will be 28 "Kreons" at launch which is sometime this Summer. Transformers: Prime will be released on 12/1/11 with Deluxe Cliffjumper, Voyager Optimus Prime, Voyager Bulkhead, and others.

Dealer Room
359 image strong gallery that shows off a dealer room that is wall-to-wall Transformers of all eras. The ultimate place to be if you have a ton of money to spent and love nothing more than use it to buy Transformers. Another 32 pics can be found here.

IDW Panel
The producer of the Transformers comics discussed the "Chaos" storyline and next year's plans. Chaos described as "battle for Cybertron" and something they planned even before the current ongoing series was launched. The story will touch a little into Optimus Prime's origin. Ever Chaos completes with issue 31 the series will change numbering to Transformers #125 (not sure why) which is called "The Death of Optimus Prime" which is literal description of events. A digital only series called "Autocracy" will explore the corruption of Cybertron's Autobot leadership that gave rise to Megatron. In regards to re-starting the Marvel Transformers stories, that remains tabled but not permanently.

High Moon Studios Panel
Covers the upcoming release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon The Game. Info revealed confirmation that Soundwave & Laserbeak will be playable, multiplayer modes will include Death Match, Team Death Match, Conquest Mode, customization options for weapons and colors, and that Megatron will be playable in ROTF and DOTM forms.

Comic-Con Exclusives
Look at the figures being release for San Diego and New York Comic-cons including Ultimate Optimus Prime in different packaging and Matrix of Leadership Optimus Prime.

3rd Party Transformers
A look at upcoming toys inspired by Transformers but not sanctioned by Hasbro or Takara. In the last few years the 3rd party toys have reached and in some cases surpassed the official products in quality and creativity. It seems that a new move is being made to re-create the Generation One toys with greater detail and articulation including iGears Seaspray & Huffer and Ratchet & Ironhide.

Store Exclusive Transformers
This gallery covers the toys being released for Toys R Us, Target, and so forth. The newest addition is an Amazon exclusive of Unicron being reissued with movie accurate paint scheme and the Takara mold for his head. Another gallery can be found here.

Cyberverse Legends & Cyberverse Shockwave
Lots of pics of upcoming Cyberverse Legends figures including a smaller version of Shockwave.

Transformers: Generations & Reveal the Shield
The display of Generations and Reveal the Shield figures that have or hopefully will soon be coming out.

Transformers Collectors' Club 2012 Exclusives
Hit the link a look at TCC's exclusives of Runabout (Reveal the Shield Tracks repaint w/ new head), Runamuck (white variant of Runabout), and Drift (red repaint with Blurr's weapons) that was revealed at TCC's Panel.

Rescue Bots
Gallery of the toys that are for the young potential next generation of Transfans with designs inspired from various iterations of the characters over the years.

Interview with Shout! Factory Producer Brian Ward
Ward talks about producing the Beast Wars DVD set and how he became a fan of the series while putting the product together.

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