Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dark of the Moon Linkfest

The movie news keeps coming and expect to ramp up even more with the world premiere in Moscow, the various talk show appearances and who knows what else. This is probably the best time to squeeze in various Transformers: Dark of the Moon news related to toys, promotions, toy reviews, Kre-O reviews, Oakley 3D glasses and more.

Life Sized Transformers Scrap Metal Statues
At this link is a few pictures of Transformers created over the years from scrap metal. I think I have posted about most of them at some time or another but nice to see them collected together. If want to check out more Optimus Prime, click here. Thanks to Feris for the link.

Soundwave Toys Coming
Now that we know that Soundwave's earth mode is a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, it is just a matter of time before the toys would come out. Full Metal Hero is reporting that three of them are in the works - a Human Alliance with Laserbeak, Deluxe Soundwave, and Cyberverse Legion. Expected release date is October, sadly no images yet.

Dark of the Moon The Game Environment Concept Art
Hit the link to view art posted by High Moon studios to promote the now out prequel video game to the movie.

DOTM The Game Stealth Mode Vehicle Art
Hit this link to look at the sketches that informed on how they would design the robot modes of the various Transformers in the movie.

Toyko Toy Show Gallery
Japan got their official look at the Dark of the Moon toys and while most of the displays were identical to what was shown at Botcon. The new additions there include deluxe Skywarp (Starscream repaint) and that Takara will also release Ultimate Optimus Prime.

Revoltech Movie Optimus Prime
Hit the link for an early look at Revoltech No. 30 Movie Optimus Prime. It is currently colorless probably because this is an early mold. I don't know a whole lot about this line of toys but I believe it’s like the Todd McFarlane of Japan in that they create highly detailed action figures. Unlike Todd's toys, I believe these actually have articulation.

Official Takara Jetwing Optimus Prime and Leader Ironhide Pics
A gallery of images of the currently Japan Exclusive Optimus Prime toy. From what I can tell it seems to be a modified Voyager Prime with a huge Jet Pack to mimic the scene from the trailers. Also a few more pics of Leader class Ironhide.

Transformers 1 & 2 VOD Deal
Paramount has started emailing a deal for their Video On Demand service. For $4.99 you can stream both Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to your computer. According to the ad, it gives you a chance to enter for a chance to win tickets to a Paramount Pictures film premiere (nope not TF3), some behind the scenes videos of the first two movies and something described as "an exciting first-look at Transformers: Dark of the Moon." No idea if worth it as I already have the DVDs so no need. Thanks to Chris for the info.

Transformers's Cake Boss Episode on June 20th
So remember that 2000 pound Bumblebee cake from 2 months ago for TLC's Cake Boss? Well the episode is set to air on Monday at 9pm EST on TLC. The huge cake was a General Motors event with 'Bee in his movie robot and car mode. DOTM Poster Giveaway is running a contest to give away three posters from Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Hit the link for how. Contest ends on June 22nd. Thanks to Mackie for the heads-up.

DOTM Human Alliance Dragstrip and Half Track Gallery
Hi-res picks of two of the Wave 3 Human Alliance toys. Both are for the small HA sets that have a weapon alt mode for the Voyager class figures. I think Dragstrip is a new mold while Half Track is a Sandstorm repaint.

Oakley DOTM 3D Glasses
If you have $150 burning a whole in your pocket and really care about fashion, you might be interested in the new offer from Oakley, Inc. The company famous for their stylish sunglasses is offering the Oakley 3D Gascan Transformers Limited Edition. Each side has one of the Transformers faction logos and comes in a "custom Microclear bag". They do look good, just don't think $150 worth of good. (via TFW2005)

Kre-O Bumblebee Video Review
The Kre-O figures are slowly leaking to store shelves. From my experience Toys R Us has been getting them out first but some reports indicate Target stores are also stocking them. I think their official release is July 1st. Any case below is a look at Bumblebee.

Human Alliance Roadbuster Video Review
A Peaugh review of Roadbuster, the green Wrecker. The result is a pretty solid figure that might be the version to get.

Human Alliance Leadfoot Video Review
Another one from Peaugh this time for the red Wrecker Leadfoot. I like his Steeljaw figure but the robot mode with its front and back kibble doesn't do a whole lot for me. Probably just a matter of time before Topspin gets a HA release.

Human Alliance Tailpipe Video Review
One of the basic H.A. toys, this one suffers from the usual problem of trying to force a third alt weapon mode but the vehicle and robot modes are not bad.

Hasbro's Building Kre-O Optimus Prime Video
If curious to see the process of sorts behind putting together one of the new Kre-O Transformers, Hasbro has created a video that does just that for the $60 Optimus Prime version. It is actually solid enough that I wouldn't mind see something like this for all the more expensive figures.


  1. That is not a voyager Optimus Prime. That is a Revenge of The Fallen Prime with a different abdomen design and a jetpack attached. Not that I'm complaining, of course. Aside from masterpiece, this is one of the best Prime toys.

  2. amc saying run time an 1hr :39 min? whats up with that?


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