Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Stand of the Wreckers Fortress Maximus Custom

I was going to post this as part of the Transformers Linkfest but really this custom job is just too pretty and deserves a little extra attention. In what can only be called dedication, GetRightRobot took one of the most coveted (and expensive) Generation One Transformers, Fortress Maximus, and added a fantastic paint job along with a bunch of custom tweaks resulting in a just gorgeous toy to emulate his Last Stand of the Wreckers look. The images were posted on the Seibertron message boards and almost a good reason to get my own boards.

This beauty has a custom parts, new main weapon, LED eyes, interchageable faces, new hands and whole lot more. Really worth the time to click here to view the full gallery with notes on its features. After that, watch the video below to learn the effort involved in creating him.


  1. I still have my Fortress Maximus. :) I really liked this guy's custom job too. It's an amazing job! :)

  2. guys new tv spot it looks amazing a good look at megatron


    new TV Spot with the dreads and SIDESWIPE !

  4. Wow! Very talented, well done!


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