Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ken Jeong DOTM Interview

Below is an interview with Ken Jeong as he discusses his brief role in Transformers: Dark of the Moon as Jerry Wang. Apparently he was asked to be on his best behavior as none of the humor comes out that you normally see from the actor in Hangover movies and Community. It is a very much by the book, careful to avoid revealing any real information or spoilers, interview. A common technique in interviewing is to ask the actor to incorporate the question into their answer so that the interviewer can be edited out. Actors with more experience in dealing with the press often do it so naturally you are not even aware of it. Ken Jeong needs more practice.


  1. dude, you do realise that he doesn't "try" to be on his best behaviour and when he does comedy is when he is "acting". the guy was a doctor for crying out loud.

    to understand why he's a good comedian you have to first realise that he was naturally a very professional and articulate person to begin with. then you can appreciate his comedy.

    he doesn't have to try to "put on his best behaviour"

  2. I love Senor Chang! He makes me so Changry!


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