Saturday, July 30, 2011

Transformers Linkfest - More 3rd Party Stuff

Time for another Transformers link fest not related to Transformers: Dark of the Moon stuff. In many cases it also seems like a repeat of previous link fests with new galleries to previous toys with the main difference being that many of them are available to buy.

BTS-04 Sonicron (Soundwave) Gallery
Hit the link to view more pics of the 3rd party Sonicron (Soundwave) that uses his classic G1 look with a new alt mode of a more modern tape recorder. The toy works with classic G1 cassettes but apparently the company is working on making new ones to at some point.

Generation One Series Bible Auction
Heritage Auction has posted images and the chance to buy a copy of the Transformers Series Bible from Sunbow Productions back in 1984. The 75-page book is the specifics on the character designs, episode synopses and more that was used when creating the animation for the series that started it all. (via Seibertron)

CA-03 Thundershred (Bombshell)
The first of the 3rd party Causality Insecticons is now available to buy at your favorite toy importer. The new figure is a modernization of the classic G1 insecticon Bombshell with a whole lot more articulation and detail. Personally I am waiting to see a video review or two before deciding if want to pay the big bucks for the toy.

G1 Lifesize Transformers Ravage Auction
Remember that awesome custom Ravage I posted about a few weeks ago? It seems that it can now be yours if you can win the UK EBay auction that ends on August 1st. As I post this the price is a relatively low 165.01 pounds but I imagine that is just the calm before the storm.

MakeToy Reveal the Shield G2 Optimus Prime Upgrade
If you managed to find the Transformers: Generations G2 Optimus Prime and figured he was just missing a trailer, MakeToy is working on a solution (which will likely cost 4x the price of the toy itself).

iGear's G1 Line Prototype Gallery
At the link is a look at iGears line of updates to several G1 Transformers that retain their classic look and alt modes but with greater detail and articulation. The line will include Spray (aka Seaspray), Rager (aka Huffer), Weapon Specialist (Ironhide), and Medical Specialist (Ratchet). More images of Ratchet can be found here and Seaspary images are here.

Masterpiece Black Rodimus Gallery
The e-Hobby exclusive repaint of Takara's Masterpiece Rodimus Prime comes with a new and very awesome paint scheme that looks great. The figure will come with his trailer and being E-Hobby, it will not come cheap.

Another Exgraver Gallery
Another 3rd party G1 inspired toy that is now available to purchase. Exgraver is the first of six figures that will merge to form Hercules (aka Devastator). In package images can be found here.

3rd Party Masterpiece Soundwave and Blaster
A new third party company called Fan Toys has released teaser images of a Soundwave prototype that is scaled to the Masterpiece toy line size. The figure seems identical to the G1 figure just larger with more articulation and detail.

Transformers At the Lane Motor Museum
If you are in the Nashville, TN area, the Lane Motor Museum will have a display of Transformers toys (most look to be from the Alternator line) along with the Citroen CX Tissier that might have been the model for the Rodimus Prime alt mode. Below are two pictures Dorene of provided from the museum.

Toys R Us Rodimus Prime Video Review
Below is a video review of the Toys R Us exclusive of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime that is currently available to order online from Toys R Us but so far have not seen reports of it available in stores. The figure is based on the Takara mold but does not come with its trailer and instead has a target master. (via Seibertron)

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