Monday, October 17, 2011

Variety Speculation on Transformers 5, Casting

In the quest for link bait, Variety has posted the theory claiming that Paramount and Hasbro are looking to shoot Transformers 4 and 5 back to back (like the Hobbit films) to save on production costs. They also resurrected the rumor that Jason Statham is being considered for the lead role. They cite sources close to planning but no specifics on why the sources are credible.

It is equally plausible for me to cite imaginary sources claiming the next movie will be all CGI on the planet Cybertron, using filming techniques and technology pioneered by Avatar. I have nothing to back this up, but it is just as plausible a scenario with the complete lack of information currently available. The speculation itself doesn't bother me. It is the framing of the article that fails to make this clear while citing various reasons why this manufactured theory is possible to give it credibility.

Long story short, the news remains the same - Hasbro and Paramount want to make Transformers 4 with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay. In general, the path to a green light on TF4 and the hypothetical TF5 will work out something like this. Hasbro and Paramount work out a deal with Spielberg and Bay. Bay chooses to direct or not direct. If not direct, then the hunt for a director begins. Meanwhile, they will probably begin looking for a writer(s). Once these two elements are hired, then an outline will be developed with an eye to sequels.

If the outline is strong enough and lends itself to a fifth movie (or trilogy), then Paramount will make the budget decisions like how much money they want to spend and if a back to back shoot is best. Until they have the core team in place with at least a seed of an idea of the story, decisions like cast, budget, and filming schedule tend to be very hard to nail down. Feasible, but difficult. Considering the costs of the franchise ($200 million plus) and how lucrative they are ($1.1 billion plus), there really is no point in jumping ahead of the process when there is no meaningful benefit in doing so.


  1. On cybertron. got destroyed in DOTM. unless this is a prequel

  2. It might have been destroyed but they may be going back in time to the war on cybertron. I find it hard to believe that it will be all CGI with no humans, that would be mighty exspensive. But you never know with all the new tech thats comming out. What ever they do I just hope they have alot more character development with the bots and alot more death matches. I'm pretty excited about these new developments.

  3. oh man please let there be a new director

  4. These comments are incredible.

  5. Spielberg should direct and produce.

  6. Martinus Prime10/18/2011 5:39 AM

    It would be very cool to have Jason Statham in Transformers, but Tyrese said (on twitter?) that that won't be the case, "Statham is doing Fast & Furious, not Transformers". But Statham is a very busy guy, so he definitly is able to find time for many films.

    I would like to see D.J. Caruso or Len Wiseman in the directors chair.

    I don't want an all cgi movie on cybertron, bc that means they won't have earth forms any more, all Cybertronian modes. Although the modes in the WFC game look good too, I prefer earth forms like the Peterbilt truck, Camaro and F22 Raptor jet.
    Yeah, I know, I'm a G1 fan.

  7. I wish they didnt destroy cybertron. itd be cool if cybertron was a transformer like unicron thatd be pretty cool and he culd resurect galvatron...theres a movie right there, huh? huh? anyone following?

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  9. i think a prequal is in order. as far as the director goes, well Bay needs to stay away or learn more about the tf world and stop making it bayformers i mean Dino and Q? wtf?! Spielberg for writer and producer i totally agree. im not sure about an all cgi film but yeah character development and death matches would be nice.

  10. They need to cast Duncan Regehr as an autobot or decepticon(preferably decepticon).

  11. Prequel? What prequel?
    They need to move forward like 50 years in the future to get rid of all characters of the first trilogy and build up a new trilogy. Obviously it means a lot more CGI work to make the future look of everything, it would be a lot of hard work but it's the only way.
    And whoever the director will be the battles must be longer and better with more views, slower pannings, more Matrix bullet-time like effects to let people grasp everything.

  12. starscream may have been destroyed but he has a indestructable spark and a live action rodamus prime an galvatron along with scurge an cyclonus an ultra magnus would be cool.

  13. They better not kill off some great autobots like TF1 jazz, I really can't wait to see what happens tbh I don't want it to be about the war of cybertron, hopefully Bay will get creative!


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