Monday, March 05, 2012

Hasbro Auctions Role in Transformers 4

Saturday was held the Hasbro Children's Hospital's Battleship Bala Gala in Rhode Island to raise money for charity (and going by the title, promote the upcoming movie). was on hand for the event as the site and their Transformers fans raised $6000 for the charity. In addition, it seems the first official casting has occured for Transformers 4 thanks to a winning bid of $21,000 for a walk-on role. Details below, pictures from the event are here.
Last night, The's Galenraff, Powered Convoy, and ShinRa all had the chance to attend the Hasbro Children's Hospital's Battleship Ball Gala in the Rhode island Convention Center. Thanks to the generous support from our users and users from other fan boards, the trio were there to represent the $6,000 donation that the's Charity Drive was able to raise! They will have a summary and images from the event after they take a moment to collect their thoughts.

In the meantime, how about some Hasbro/Transformers 4 news? During an interview with Brian Goldner, the Hasbro CEO teased Galenraff and Powered Convoy with news of a new Hasbro live action movie that will be announced tomorrow, Monday March 5th! [referring to Ouija] He did not say which brand it will bring to life, so let the speculation begin!

Next, during the night there was an auction for a walk on role for Transformers 4. The winning bid was $21,000 by Sandy and Fred Studley. The couple said that they will most likely give the prize to their teenage granddaughter. It looks like we have our first confirmed casting news!


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  3. I just found out that G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra is in the same universe as Transformers (the live action movies). I must be so blind. Now we can expect a crossover

  4. Come on guys lets not trash the shit out of eachother, there is enough negativity in America right now, its terrible. I come here to escape that shit, not relive it here. Talk about the Transformer universe, ITS FUCKING AWESOME!!!

  5. What a cool way to raise money for charity.

  6. all i hope is for ratchet to be in tf 4


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