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Transformers Linkfest - This and That

Another week, more TF toy stuff. Below are links to new 3rd party toys, comics trade, more from G1, Peter Cullen & NASA, reviews and more.

Not Brawn, Not Cosmos Announced
iGear has announced their next set of figures in their line of "mini-warriors" based on the classic Generation One characters will be Hench and UFO. The company has revealed their intentions of trying to create a more scale accurate toys that have the sizes and heights between the group match what they were in relation to each other in the classic cartoon series. More images of not Cosmos can be found here.

Transformers Autocracy TPB ComingFor those reluctant to buy the online only Transformers: Autocracy will be pleased to know that the trade paperback is planned for the series. No release date yet but the current price is set at $19.99. I am sure that will be further discounted but even after that, the paperback will still be more than the $12 the current 12-issue series currently costs.

Transforming Lego NES Zapper
Hit the link for a gallery of images of a NES Zapper built out of Lego that transformers into Plasmashock. (via Kotaku)

Mastermind Creations Heart of Steels Figures
MC has teased their next two Transformers: Hearts of Steel inspired toys. The last time they released a mold was around two plus years ago with Optimus Prime (with several repaints in between). Cyclops (not Shockwave) has a warship alt mode while Air Screech (not Starscream) has an old style plane alt mode (no idea on model). The Hearts of Steel line supposes that the Transformers woke up during the Industrial Revolution and took on alt modes of that era. The resultant designs were pretty awesome and I always thought a wasted opportunity for Hasbro or Takara as a toy line.

TF Source Blog - Mexico Revisited | Oldies but Goldies | Variants | Small World
Another walk down Generation One memory lane with several articles from TF Source. The first is a look at the often weird molds and colors chosen from Mexican knock offs of the TF line. The second article is a look at the mostly European re-release of classic G1 molds in modified packaging along with some variations. The 3rd post is a drool worthy pics of near mint Generation One toys in their original packaging from around the world. It’s the kind of collection that if I suddenly became a multi-millionaire I would take great pleasure in creating. The pic of 10 Jetfire in their boxes causes a little pain for me as I recall throwing away the red attachments and box in a fit of frustration when I was a kid. The last post looks at the small world of the die hard collectors that go hunting for those rare G1 toys released around the world.

Peter Cullen Narrates NASA Video
The voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen, provides the voice over for NASA's "We Are The Explorers" that summarizes humanity's need to explore.

Custom Leader Shockwave
Below is a video from @mrmarvel09 of his custom leader sized Shockwave based on the Dark of the Moon version. The product isn't quite finished with LEDs and other thigns to be to added but the paint job and details are fantastic.

Transformers: Prime Deluxe Ratchet Video Review
A new review from optibotimus for TF Prime Ratchet. This deluxe figure looks pretty good and has a great robot mode. The Prime line should be appears in stores in greater numbers over the next week or so in time for Hasbro's March 1st official launch date of the line.

MakeToys Giant Set A Video Review
This is another 3rd party not Devastator combiner. This first edition is colored yellow as was the Generation 2 re-release of Devastator back in the early 90s. The figure is a bit different then TFC's Hercules in a few ways. One is the scale is smaller but with it comes a bit of a better price as it works out to about $60 per Constructicon instead of $100 each. Also the vehicle mode seems more details and realistic looking. The total investment cost is $360+ once the final two sets are released over the next few months.

Transformers Prime Cyberverse Wave 1
Peaugh's review of the Cyberverse Megatron, Bulkhead, Optimus Prime and Starscream. This is the middle class that now seems to have the deluxe price of $10. Not sure if worth the full price but if goes on sale the order of preference is Bulkhead, Optimus, Megatron and pass on Starscream.

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