Monday, October 15, 2012

NYCC 2012: Next Year's Hasbro Transformers

Thursday Hasbro teased their next sub-line of Transformers Prime called Beast Hunters that brings the Beast Wars design aesthetic back into the main TF line. Hasbro also held a panel where they provided their plans and images of the first wave or so of toys that will start hitting shelves in spring 2013. Below are links to the galleries and info that was revealed. Also links to a recording of the actual panel and below that is a summary of what was revealed.

Links: Hasbro Panel | 3rd Party Gallery | Blue 'Bee Kreon Review | Non TF Displays | TF Universe MMO Trailer
Panel YouTube Video: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

TF Cartoons
- Shockwave in Season 3
- Predacons are an ancient Cybertronian race
- Rescue Bots officially renewed for season 2

Beast Hunters
- Legion: Bumbleebee, Smokescreen, Airachnid, Twinstrike
- Commander: Bulkhead, Predaking
- Deluxe: Bumblebee, Soundwave & Ravage, Wheeljack, Lazerbeak
- Voyager: Predaking, another unnamed one
- Cyberverse Vehicles: Sky Claw with Smokescreen, Apex Armor with Breakdown
- Beast TFs are larger and heavier then regular ones, no indication if impact on price
- Deluxe and Voyager class instructions will incorporate a story that is told across the entire line

Transformers Generations Platinum Edition
- recolored Omega Supreme with new head and claw hand
- recolored Energon Optimus Prime in G1 Prime colors
- Gold foil packaging, 5th panel window (no clue what this means), G1 inspired art, handle

- Ripclaw Strike
- Battlenet Bumblebee
- Trailcutter vs. Grimwing
- Windcharger vs. Corhada

- No info (yet) if upcoming Takara Masterpieces coming stateside
- Would not confirm if Dinobots will be in season 3
- Considering more combiners but nothing specific planned
- Considering turning more IDW TF characters into toys
- Deluxe TF Prime Smokescreen might be in the works

3rd Party
- not Superion from TFC Toys coming in 2013
- 1:1 scale 2.8 pound "Golden Disc" from Beast Wars (and Voyager program in 1977) for $150, out in November. Not sure if this is a NASA or TF thing but Beast Wars used the 1977 disc as the "Golden Disc" in Beast Wars so really one and the same regardless of how might be promoted as.

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