Sunday, June 23, 2013

Titus Welliver Joins Transformers 4 Cast?

A new image indicates that television mainstay Titus Welliver has been cast in Transformers 4 for some unknown role. The picture was taken recently at the Lockhart, Texas set by by Nicole_4_Eva. The actor probably looks familiar as it seems every drama on TV is required to hire him for at least one episode but he did enjoy longer stays on shows like The Good Wife and Sons of Anarchy. The actor was on set for scenes with Jack Reynor and Mark Wahlberg so the role has something to do with them but who knows what. While is a great actor with range, TV shows tend to have him play variations of a bad guy, be it actual or some bureaucratic obstacle.


  1. I thought he looked familiar. He guest starred in a Star Trek: Voyager episode.

  2. He also played in the final season of Lost, he ended up becoming the Smoke Monster.


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