Friday, August 23, 2013

Transformers 4 Call Sheet Reveals Character Names, Story Spoilers

An image of a Transformers 4 call sheet has been posted on Reddit that reveals the first names of most of the key cast, names of several Transformers and story tidbits including confirming a long time rumor. The image is a bit tiny as a screenshot from an iPhone but has enough detail to read the entire call sheet which breaks down which characters, vehicles, and scenes that are being filmed on the day and the days ahead.

Suffice it to say - SPOILER WARNING. Clicking the image or reading summary below are definite spoilers. Thanks to KennyD for the link.

Update: Call sheet image pulled at request of Paramount Pictures publicity and legal departments (which has the unintended side effect of verifying its authenticity).

Date: Friday, August 23
Shoot Day: 57 of 96
Filming location: McCormick Gate 4 Lobby & Square

Friday story location:
Exterior Cityside Base of Ridge - 1st Dinobot Attack
Exterior Hong Kong - Autobots and Bad Guys drive thru the area

1) Mark Wahlberg - Cade
2) Stanley Tucci - Joshua
3) Kelsey Grammer - Harold Attinger
4) Nicola Peltz - Tessa
5) Jack Reynor - Shane
6) Sophia Myles - Darcy
7) Li Bingbing - Su Yueming
8) Titus Welliver - Savoy
11) TJ Miller - Lucas
12) James Bachman - Gill Wembley
15) Melanie Specht - Joshua's Executive Assistant #1
16) Abigail Klein - Joshua Jr. Assistant
61) Victoria Summer - Joshua's Executive Assistant #2
69) Ty Smith - SOG Agent #3
xx) "Peter Cullen" - Listed as a stunt driver, unknown if this is the voice of Optimus Prime or stunt person that just happens to have the same name

Referenced Transformers: (character vehicle models not specified on sheet)
New Optimus
Lambo. (assuming reference to Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, likely character name not finalized)
Pagani (likely character name not finalized)
Dinobots (character names not specified)

Saturday Schedule:
- Filming at the offices of Baker & McKenzie as "KSI" which Joshua likely owns (having three executive assistants screams rich boss, not employee)
- Confrontation between Joshua (Tucci) & Cale (Wahlberg) with Joshua ridiculing him and "Yeager Enterprises"
- Bumblebee rescuing Cale from Attinger (Grammer) who is questioning him (what not specified)

Sunday Schedule:
- Darcy (Myles) & Cale talking about a "fossil find" while rejecting his dinner offer ("not a chance") at KSI
- Exterior shots involving Autobot vehicles and a "Decepticon Fighter" (probably Cyclonus) are referred to as the "KSI Campus"
- "5 Autobots are rolling" (filming at Columbus Drive, Monroe to Randolph)
- Autobot vehicles watching a building (filming at The Beehive on Michigan Avenue)
- "Fighter crashes thru grating and back onto street"
- Aerial Unit filming CGI plates for Decepticon "Fighter dives into tunnel pursued, fireball chases"


  1. Hmmm, if this is legit, it sounds not bad so far. The only thing I am concerned about is Autobot Crosshairs, out of all the cool as Autobots, they choose him? I have never heard of him before.

    Again if this is legit, I actually wouldn't mind Cyclonus being the main villain for this movie. Then in this new Trilogy, they could slowly introduce Unicron or Galavtron or both.

    The reason I think this, I would rather have a good, 'ground to earth story' then with random explosions etc.... (You guys know Bay...)

    Also I DEFINITELY think, the Red Blood Pagani Huyara is Hot Shot/Rod for this movie (NOT Rodimus Prime). So in the next film (if there is going to be a continuity from this one)obviously, Hot Rod will become Rodimus Prime.

    Lamborghini Aventador is Autobot Prowl.

    Well then again, this is another speculation pulled out of my arse.

    1. Actually many explosions scenes means that it will be more action robots sequence in this,lets hope the story is good too..can't wait

    2. Yeah, true that! Were there this many explosions and stuff like this when they were filmong ROTF and TF1 or does this one seem to have more?

    3. Hot Rod is trademarked.

    4. Well most fans dont read TF IDW Comics but Hotrod or Rodimus is a Pagani in TF IDW Comics also I noticed the pagani tail lights is going to be an arm blasters in robot mode.

    5. That is why they haven't mentioned Hotrod on the sheet. He is going to be the major spoiler to the cast. Also the Lamborghini as well, do not know who he is though. Does anyone know if the previous Autobots are going to be in it?
      I mean they should be, but no sightings of them have been seen. Unless they are all in robot form for the entire movie.

    6. I realy wish there will be one day Hot Rod (Rodimus Prime). People speak about franchise but... you know they used dinobots but why the dont use Rodimus?

  2. cyclonus is in the film ? cool !

    1. Yep. Could be the main villain too...

  3. I wonder how many Dinobots will they add in the film if this is all true? Hope it's all 5 of them but I think that there will be only 2-3 the most

  4. I can see it being Grimlock, Swoop and Snarl. I hope with Cyclonus in it they also have Scourge as well. Crosshairs...that's a weird one.

    1. Crosshairs was in season 4 of G1 my guess is he is the sonic RS becoz they most likely similar. Google its image type Transformers G1 Crosshairs.

  5. Dinobot attack? wtf Dinobots the bad guys? wtf Michael Bay. How could yo screw that up?

    1. Well in G1 they did become the bad guys becoz they can be easily be manipulated they attack Prime but Optimus prove that the decepticons are just using them so dont be dissapointed so easily maybe Bay is going to pick that same kind of Idea.

    2. Lol Bay better explain what happened to the other autobots..

    3. In Transformers: Animated Dinobots weren't evil, but neither good actually. They hated all robots whose alternate modes were cars (except for Prowl and Bulkhead). And they just weren't intelligent enough to realize that they themselves were robots too.

  6. Dinos were bad guys in the G1 cartoon

  7. Dinos were bad guys in the G1 cartoon

  8. Call sheet:

  9. No, Dinobots were Autobots in the G1 cartoon. There was a moment when they decided to side with the Decepticons-until Optimus convinced them of what the Decepticons were about.

    1. Thats right :P

    2. dinobots were given similar abilities as the real thing even intelligence,they were not bad just easily duped. Optimus forgave them...

  10. What if the dinobots were vehicles. I mean the gray cab over could be Grimlock, The lamborghini could work as swoop. Hell the Garbage truck seen not long ago could work as Sludge. Sounds crazy, but anything is possible in the bayverse

  11. Hmm, after seeing that Megatron-Head-Prop, I recalled a Description of Mark Walberg, stating that he's playing a Inventor, with a Daughter - reminds me of TF:Animated.
    Now his daughter Needs to get a certain key...


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