Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Video Review of Transformers 4 First Edition Optimus Prime

Normally I save video reviews for various linkfests, but this provides a first real look at the simplified transformation sequences that is being introduced with the Transformers: Age of Extinction toy line. We have seen it a touch with Beast Hunters and Generations but not at the Leader class scale. The result is a surprising good looking vehicle mode and not all that bad robot mode. The previous leader class transformations were often very complex and time consuming to transform. Basically not all ages could enjoy them. I agree with the reviewer's take. For collector's its "meh" but since it is aimed at kids then Hasbro can consider it mission accomplished. I am curious to see how it works line wide. The toy is available now at Amazon.com.


  1. No sir. I don't like it. The younger audience will dig it, but for collectors it's too simple and has far to much kibble. Also, the pink chrome is off-putting.

    1. agree .. to cartoony ... very catoony . reminds me of the transformer prime optimus. .

  2. >kinder surprise

  3. Tfcollect:I ordered it, I'm not kind to all the back kibble but this model is limited. The $45 price has little to no crome piping. I really believe hasbro has done this to beat Takara at releasing this version. Hasbro would put out the (paint it yourself) versions then Takara put out the (we'll paint it chrome it for you) versions and sell them import for three time as much and people will buy them. I know I have the Buster Prime, Aps Prime with all the chrome and paint apps. My point is, at least I won't have to get an import.


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