Thursday, July 03, 2014

Another Chinese Partner Claims Contract Breach Over Transformers 4

Once again Paramount might get sued from one of their Chinese partners for not representing their product sufficiently. The first time was from Beijing Pangu Investment who felt their hotel's logos and names were not shown enough and tried to recoup the cost of their deal to essentially get free perpetual advertisement from the film. It seems Wulong Karst National Park liked the idea as they are now claiming breach of contract for the same reasons. They claim the park's location was not displayed and the film edited events in such a way to make it seem like it was a neighbor to Kong Kong and not its actual 700 miles away.

If my recall of the movie is correct, I do believe these are true statements. While the hotel's name or logo was shown in multiple scenes, I do not recall any identify information about the park and only aware of it from tracking filming of the movie for the blog and a few featurettes that followed. Also the movie does make it seem like the park is just outside of Hong Kong and from the movie alone I would have had no idea it was so far away. So unlike the previous lawsuit threat, this one might have legs.

Right now this is in the threat phrase so chances are Paramount is working behind the scenes to figure out what it will take to make them happy while having it cost less than the estimated $1 million they got for the product placement deal. Still considering the not insignificant number of product placements in the movie, makes you wonder who else will step forward to sue.


  1. HA HA HA HA HA wrong again. Love him hate his guts or whatever Bay is one nasty SOB when it comes to stuff like this. GOOD LUCK!! You know he has all bases covered. HE will just give them some green and hushem right up.

  2. dirty business. **** you M.Bay. **** you corporate sponsors. Love you long time the people who can wrestle this franchise away from these sick ****s and instead give us the Transformers film we all want. I am diametrically opposed to everything that the current people making these films produce and stand for. The weakest excuse from the 'people' who defend these ****ing films is the one that goes along the lines of 'hey but it's a kids film! what do you expect!'............ bullshit! there is wealth of lush material, aesthetically, thematically and narratively from the source material. Look at Marvel! they get it. Hasbro seem to think that it's M.Bay (have I mentioned I despise him?) that has made them all their film money. He hasn't, the Transformers name has done it, it's that potent. Give it to someone who isn't ****ing satan, please, please, please. 4 FILMS!!!! 4 ****ing FILMS! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  3. boo hoo hoo hoo. I didn't get my precious G1 in this film either and now I'm going to cry about it even though no one in the studios cares one bit what poor wittle me thinks

    Grow up kid. G1 was great no question but that's not to say the cartoons were not without flaws. Marvel gets a few things right but they aren't perfect themselves. Look at Thor 1 & 2 just for example. Piss poor films. Rather than being and ungrateful twat take the time to be glad someone decided to take on these movies. M. Bay is hardly Satan nor the antichrist. Quit being dramatic. No one is using any kind of physical or mental force to make you go see a Transformers or M. Bay movie. It's simple. Don't like it then don't see it. Why is this concept so hard to understand? Maybe you just like to have something to cry about. You tell me. I have no idea.

  4. Did these Chinese companies really think the movie was going to turn out to be a three-hour commercial for them? Bay ought to skip out of China's involvement next time.

  5. I think they probably planned from the beginning to try to find something they didn't like to try to get free publicity.

  6. Unless the companies specified in a contract that their business had to have x amount of detail showed x amount of time, do they even have a lawsuit?


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