Monday, September 05, 2016

Two Story Hints, Tucci and Croft Join Transformers 5 Cast

As filming continues in London, Transformers: The Last Knight has added two more to the cast as well as possible story hints. To start, the pic from Laura Haddock's Instagram shows a TF5 movie prop a gruesome medieval death, not really understanding what that is on the skull. Likely just a background plot but maybe more.

Speaking of medieval, Acting Auditions has posted a search for extras for Transformers 5:
“Transformers: The Last Knight” will be filming a major medieval battle scene between Saxon Invaders and King Arthur’s Knights. Shooting will be taking place in London, England between October 3rd and October 14, 2016. The casting directors are seeking the following:

• MALES – 16 years of age and older, with long hair and/or long beards. This is to play medieval Saxon invaders and King Arthur’s Knights. Very good pay.
Can take this to assume that Bay will be taking his filming style to a Braveheart type battle during Arthur's range, possible to explain whatever happened to Arthur that ties into the present day quest for whatever McGuffin everyone will be looking for.

As for casting, Stanley Tucci revealed over the weekend that he will be back in the role of Joshua Joyce. No other details were revealed but I assume this time he will be one of the good guys using his Lego tech to help the Autobots on their Arthurian quest. Considering filming is almost at the halfway point, I kind of doubt he will be in the middle of the action quite as much as he was in previous film.

Joining Tucci in an unknown role is Elizabeth Croft, who is probably known to British audiences but is an unknown stateside. I suspect the role is a just a few lines, maybe as an assistant to Tucci's character or possibly Guinevere (but my bet is Laura Haddock is playing that character).


  1. What is on the skull looks like a wreath made of either leaves from an olive branch OR bay leaves. In certain ancient societies (such as Rome; not sure about Britian), especially in the Ancient Olympic Games, wreaths were placed on the heads of those who won. However, this is different, since the skull is impaled on a sword. Might be a modified version of that ancient Roman custom, especially since ancient Britian co-opted many of Rome's customs.


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