Monday, October 09, 2006

Pics From USS Shoup of Transformer Props for Filming

A Navy Sailor from the USS Shoup is reporting that Transformers film crew is coming on board Monday to film additional footage for the film. Whether this includes the actors themselves not sure. As can see below, its looks like a crashed plane, currently in many ports. If not for the lack of faction insignia, I would almost think it was blown up Transformer bits. The source wishes to remain nameless for privacy reasons, but many thanks for the information and pictures.

Update with spoilers: Based on speculation from the web including solid evidence here, appears that some of the parts could be from the Decepticon Blackout. Also, according the source, the ship is being used to film Megatron's body being dumped at sea (with I assume his destroyed buds) so its possible that the plane parts allude to Megatron's Earth jet form that producers hinted may be used for the film.

The above is about half of the pics. If you are interested in seeing the whole lot, was kind enough to host the entire gallery which you can see here.

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