Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bay: No Dinobots

IESB has posted a brief interview with Michael Bay during the Visual Effects Society Awards (Transformers won four), where he provided an update on Transformers 2. The video is here. Basically, "Transformers 2 is coming along great." He also mentioned that in making TF 1, he did listen to the fans, but not everything they said. "Listened to my gut...[and] certain people" close to Transformers.

When asked specifically about whether the Dinobots would be in the movie he said, "You are going to see a lot of different new stuff. Tip of the iceberg of what you saw last movie in terms of characters and different type of species I guess....This time we're really good at keeping stuff under wraps."

Bay intentionlly avoid directly answering the question about the Dinobots, but later on his forums, his admin Nelson wrote "He said no Dinobots."

So there you go, no Dinobots in the movie. Sad for fans but considering the realistic angle that the Bay has pushed from the first movie, it does make a lot of sense. While Transfans would wet themselves at seeing transforming Dinosaurs, I think the average audience would just groan and roll their eyes at it. Hopefully in their place we will get a gestalt such as the Constructicons. Also he mentioned "species". Wonder what that means?

Except for the race of the Headmasters race and the Quintessons, I am not really aware of that many species in the Transformers Universe since most of the various planets, except Earth, where all Transformers in some form or fashion. This done for practical reasons since not considered as violent to show, say a robot planet and its citizens being consumed, then it would to be showing the same done to humans or the equivalent. Maybe a new species specific to the movie franchise? Or it could mean nothing where "species" is referencing the sub-genres within the Transformers mythos (Gestalts, Triple-Changers, etc). As always, time will tell.


  1. Maybe characters like Ravage and Laserbeak...

  2. I hope he's either bringing the Quintessons in here...

    It's too early for headmasters, I think. Maybe the third one...

  3. Giant scorpions...yeahhh no prob

    But, somehow Dinosaurs is no effing way......

    BS. If they didnt dismiss a giant scorpion jumping out the ass of another robot I think they could do the Dinobots.

    Look at how IDW has setup the Dinobots on Earth. Completely plausible in that world.

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