Thursday, February 14, 2008

More From Bay on TF2

Bay held a Transformers "Tech Show" where he discussed the behind the scenes of Transformers and also gave some non specific details on Transformers 2. Shia LaBeouf and members of the sound and VFX crew where there as well.

The full article is here.

The highlights:
- Doing pre-production on TF2, still on track for June 2nd start date for filming.
- His script draft was about 60 pages long. (In general, a page equals a minute so this supports the idea that he created a detailed outline versus a full blown shooting script).
- Meeting planned with the writers on Monday to start hammering out a finalized shooting draft.
- "Transformers 2 will deepen the different robot characters as well as the humor"
- Also indicated that a "geriatric robot" will join the robotic cast. (I assume this means Kup but could be an original creation.)
- If even writer's strike occurs, will "make our date" of opening on June 26, 2009.
- Bay believes sound is "50% of the movie, while the visual effects are a whole other movie unto itself."
- Transformers only had two days of blue-screen shooting, the part where Shia and Fox climbed on the robots.
- Mentioned that there was "30 animators on 16 characters and 47 transformations, each one unique."
- Sound mixer Kevin O'Connel is up for an Oscar, hopefully the 20th time will be the charm.
- "The sound designers had to come up with characteristic personalities for the different robots, and make the large robot sounds work" (Beats me but sounded interesting).


  1. but with no dinobots, who will listen to kup's war stories? :(

  2. but with no dinobots, who will listen to kup's war stories? :(

    that's hilarious


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