Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Castle Shoot Galleries and Josh Landow at have posted more pictures from Friday's shoot at the Castle Fraternity.

Josh Landow provides a report (with brief video below) of what he saw being shot during the 3 hour plus shoot he witnessed. The scenes involved guys admiring Bumblebee (easy to do) and later others hassling Sam for where he parked the car. His gallery shows Bumblebee getting packed up into his trailer and the specially designed cover he gets covered in. The below video was shot as Bumblebee was driving away for another scene.

Over at TFW2005, they took additional pictures (like one to the left) of the daytime shoot at the Castle (as seen here), this time including pictures of Isabel Lucas on the set that match with the shots taken of her later that night. Who knows how many times she has been spotted and no one realized who she was within relation to the filming (her being a newbie to American audiences).

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  1. Oooo... isabel! i like her lots. she`s cute... hope she gets a good role :)


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