Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Princeton Article on Transformers Plot

The Times has posted an article about Transformers 2 productions presence on campus with brief interviews with extras and Michael Bay. The article also revealed a little bit on what the shoot is about. Also it said that today will be the final day of shooting on the campus. The next destination (if there is one) is unknown. Some choice bits from the article:

"I thought the school was going to freak out and did a little" before accepting the crash shots, Bay said yesterday during a brief interview.

In one scene shot inside one of Princeton's large lecture halls, LaBeouf's character attends an Astronomy 101 class, Bay said.

In another shot at Princeton's Dillon Gymnasium, he and co-star Megan Fox are among dozens of students fleeing the building into a courtyard and parking lot ahead of some yet-to-be-revealed menace.

And while filming here is officially a closed set, hundreds of onlookers for the last two days lined the perimeter of some of the scenes -- though they were periodically instructed to keep quiet and take no pictures.

For a time yesterday afternoon, the area outside Dillon Gymnasium was the place to be for a glimpse of the celebrities and a chance to see the cameras rolling.

The university angle to the plot "is all about Sam growing up and going to college ... a teenager growing into a man," Bay said.

As the battle continues in the second film, LaBeouf and Fox reprise their roles. Although both characters have grown from high school- to college-age since the first "Transformers" installment, only LaBeouf's Witwicky is off to college because Fox's Banes can't afford school, Bay said.

With Witwicky enrolled at a fictional East Coast school with an Ivy League feel, Banes comes from Los Angeles as a visitor to her friend's new campus, Bay said.
Not much is revealed but now know how Mikeala and Sam hook up before the latest Transformers adventure kicks off. Interesting ivy league Princeton is not actually going to be Princeton in the film. Thanks to Jeany for the link.


  1. I heard that they are going to new mexico and they have a set planned in virginia to film. Also i heard they are going to the Brooklyn bridge perhaps?
    Thats just what i heard not sure if its just a rumor or not.

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