Thursday, June 05, 2008

Transformers 2 Official Title Released

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

At least that is what the article that Transformers Producer Don Murphy posted a link to without comment. The website Reserve Result is saying that is the official title released by Dreamworks-Paramount along with an image of Megatron on the left. An image that was part of the promotional stuff used for the first film. The image is indicating a return of Megatron that most Transfans is assuming will occur.

The Fallen could refer to "fallen" Decepticons either through death (say Megatron) or betrayal (Starscream, whatever new character fills that role).

The Fallen is also a character used in the comics (right picture) back when Dreamwave (2003 or so I think) had the license. In the comics, the character is one of the original 13 Transformers created by Primus and would later betray Primus to Unicron. In the comics it was assumed he was to be a forerunner to the return of Unicron (big bad from the animated movie) but the storyline never completed as Dreamwave went bankrupt.

(I checked Variety, Entertainment Weekly, and The Hollywood Reporter for verification of this story. They are usually the preferred publications they use to get out an announcement like this and so far nothing but then it is currently very early morning as I post this. Don Murphy posting the link might give it credence but he has an interesting sense of humor so it could just be a "look at these yahoos!" type post. I report, you decide (but I call BS).

Thanks to Richard P for the heads-up.

UPDATE: The title is the real title of the sequel according to a press release from Hasbro on their site. I made slight edits to the above article but I got it completely wrong, Reserve Result was right. Interesting title to say the least, especially considering the possibilities on what "The Fallen" could mean.

With a little more than a year away until its debut, the buzz is building about the sequel to 2007’s hit movie Transformers.

Transformers 2 — subtitled Revenge of the Fallen — began shooting on June 2nd in Bethlehem, PA. While details of the movie’s plot a closely-guarded secret, expect a key character from the first movie to make a dramatic comeback and attempt to settle a score.


  1. Yep, the title's official. The new title is on the homepage of Michael Bay's website

  2. I was sad to hear that Cliffjumper can't be the Chevy Trax because he died in The Reign of Starscream comics. I hope they have a good replacement.

  3. God, please make sure Michael Bay doesn't f**k this up! Please, tell me that Megatron will come back alive as a tank and lead the Decepticons to Fallen because if Michael doesn't include him, you have know idea how i am going to react! And please God make sure that Revenge of the Fallen actually becomes greater than the first film because sequels are usually bad these days!

  4. I'm Rickey Bobby , call me crazy but I just realized the leader of the autobots OPTIMUS PRIME is colored (Red blue & chrome). But on the other hand there is ULTRA MAGNUS . He is all "white". Would that then mean by default OPTIMIS PRIME by him being "colored" is BLACK???!!! We all know back in the day when we were kids not far off. That term was used... Just thought I would pointe it out to get some opinions/reaction...

  5. I really hope the sequel is as good as or better than the first.It sure looks better,but they only give us 30 seconds.I'm sure it won't dissapoint,especially with all these new robots.


  7. meagatron is suposed to be a gun read your comics

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