Saturday, September 13, 2008

Orci: Possible Cullen Cameo in TF2

Transformers 2 writer Roberto Orci occasionally pops in on TWW2005's Ask Roberto Orci thread and answers fan questions. As a result, sometimes info of interest comes out including a comment about Peter Cullen possibly performing a cameo in the movie. Here are some recent highlights

- On Peter Cullen's cameo: "Its in the script... let's see if Bay shoots it..."
- On introducing new concepts versus expanding TF1 concepts in sequel: "50/50"
- Writer commentary for movie: "If Bay lets us. He's an attention hog. If not, Alex and I are going to do one for itunes for both movies." (cool idea).
- Orci: "This movie will deal much more with the specific mythology of the Transformers."
- Return of Jazz: "No" (this idea needs to die, why waste story time bringing back Jazz when can use it to introduce new Autobots - TFLive).
- Soundwave's (not) alt-mode: "Without confirming an ice cream truck -- NO." and "No ipod Soundwave."
- Time left in TF2 shoot: "another 5 weeks or so..."
- Update: Orci also says "no" to the Chevy Volt being Soundwave.

A Peter Cullen cameo would be very cool. Hopefully Bay wil film it. As far as Soundwave's alt mode, nice to know what he isn't, be glad to find out what it is. Currently TF2 production is at Holloman Air Force Base for the next week or so, then Egypt. After that is a question mark.


  1. if anyone has seen the transformers animated series on cartoon network, i think it would be cool to see soundwave as a car for his alternate mode. even a reallife version of the animated soundwave

  2. Transformers Animated sucks.......


    Cullen should Prime's hologram driver.

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  4. "Transformers Animated sucks"

    And you suck them idiot... It's a great show.

  5. Why not bring back Jazz he was the best transformer on the movie even though he was the smallest

  6. why no Jazz man! He's very cool Autobot for Cybertron Sake!!

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