Thursday, March 05, 2009

Leader Class Optimus Prime Video Review

Peaugh and co have posted another review video of the Transformers 2 toyline. This time of the winner of most improved Transformer of the line with Leader class Optimus Prime. It is an expensive toy but it looks like this one might be worth it. Thanks to Bruno for the link.


  1. I've got a long list of RotF toys I want to get but this is the main one. The first movie Leader Prime was already one of my all time favorite TF toys and I won't be getting rid of it (I have the Battle Mode one from Japan, I'm not a hardcore collector but I just wanted the best version of that figure) but I'll certainly get this one to place next to it too.

  2. freakin awesome but i can imagine giving this to a six year old. How complicated would that be!

    never mind good review though

  3. Was that his kid at the end of the video?

  4. if nothing else, this sequel will give us figures that, as said in the video, give us much, much more screen accurate figures, which is awesome in my book.
    (perhaps even a re-release Jazz? regardless of his death a screen accurate jazz would be awesome.)

  5. "Carnivac"

    What are the differences between the 'Battle mode Prime' and the regular Leader Class?

    Thanks in advance if you reply to me :)

  6. What the hell is that bubble on his wrist?

  7. where and how can i get one of those

  8. 'Anonymous'

    I don't have a regular Hasbro Premium Prime to compare it to exactly but if you go to it explains some of the paint differences and has an image for comparison. Basically shinier and a bit more detail. Oddly even with shipping included it barely cost me any more to import it than it cost me to buy the very first Leader Prime figure in local stores. Good deal for sure.

  9. Awesome "Carnivac"

    That was cool of you to reply like that.

  10. I had this whole nice big paragraph written out about how AWESOME OP is. I'm sad because my stupid work machine died on me as soon as I was about to post it! GRRRR!!!

    That said, I'll mince my words and just say I LOVE IT. Perhaps when I get back home on a more reliable machine I'll post a better reply.

  11. Damn, RotF-LeaderPrime looks so awesome, and he even found the Vehicle-Sound-Button(got a link popping up in the scene, where he showed that).
    Man, I'd wish, the Figure would already be released by Hasbro Germany.

  12. I saw the front cover of Toyfare magazine in a store today. Leader Prime looks badly transformed on it.

  13. I like, and agree with, the idea from the 'anonymous' who said that with the more accurate figures, they should re-release Jazz. Thing is, am I the only one who thinks that Bonecrusher, Blackout and Starscream should be released as Leader figures? I sent a letter to Hasbro, but I got the usual "thanks, but wait and see what we come up with" reply. The opportunities for accuracy and (more) realistic scale with the other figures are limitless! It's annoying having a tiny Bonecrusher against a massive Prime...

    Oh yeah, speaking of which, the new Prime is spectacular! I'm praying for a Premium! :D

  14. Larger Blackout and Bonecrusher would be great but unlikely since they're not in this movie and Hasbro maybe think they wouldn't sell without an appearance. Bonecrusher especially needs a larger figure as you say he looks ridiculous against Voyager and especially Leader Prime.

    I'm still really fond of the Jazz figure (premium version so is all shiny) even if the hands are a bit crappy. I like mounting his gun on either side of his head (using a second gun from the original release figure).

  15. carnivac what the hell does jazz have to do with anything

  16. Thanks, Carnivac! But, you know, even though they may not, they could always probably get a line together after the ROTF series (seeing as Bay may not do another film for a while, as he says), and possibly bring the larger (and more accurate) versions of the characters into it, just for past characters sake; like a 'Movie Universe' line, for instance...

    And I second the hands on Jazz! I like the simplicity of the Jazz figure, but I think it could still have a remold...Especially with the hands, but also the head; the 'protrusions' on his head are swept back, but the figure has them facing up/forward.

    Come to think of it, I think Ratchet could do with a tweak...! :P

    Whatever, we'll see what they do, as they say...

  17. Heh, yeah I like Ratchet's toy (oddly for it's clunkiness, and looks great when painted properly so the details show up) but I'd certainly welcome another attempt for accuracy. And yeah I like the sound a Movie Universe line that continues after the second movie as, despite maybe a couple dodgy figures here and there (same with any toyline though) movie Transformers are my favorite line. Would quite like to see some of the movie comic characters such as Prowl and Warpath developed into figures. Even if not that, surely Hasbro realises a lot of people would like to own a larger Bonecrusher figure. Why he wasn't even a Voyager class I just don't get. I mean, they gave Brawl a Leader version (and a repaint of that too) so why not Boney?

    'carnivac what the hell does jazz have to do with anything'

    Previous poster mentioned wanting them to redo Jazz. That's what the hell.

  18. how much will this cost ?
    i heard the devastator is very expensive too.
    toys theses days are made for people who has experienced the action figure trend in the 80s n 90s, i'm so glad they dont make the cheap movie action figures like spiderman movie or fantastic 4

  19. I wonder how this toy will combine with leader class Jetfire.

  20. Im new in this I dont know too much but in pictures of the new movie I havent seen Reatchet I really dont know can you tell me please

  21. Anyone know when this toy will be released?

  22. Just found it in india. d first time a leader class autobot is being released so soon, saw loads of megatron b4 which sucked.bought this one as soon as i saw it... one helluva toyand i'm in love wid it... id on even let my brother touch it.

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