Friday, March 06, 2009

More Transformers 2 Toy Videos and Pics

Yep more toy related stuff. The first is a video that demostrates the Deluxe Class Wheelie toy from alt mode to robot and back. Next is an update to the Leader class Optimus Prime review video were they show off a few additional features and explore possibility of it combining with Jetfire (verdict: inconclusive). Last is a video that has nothing to do with the movie, a demo of Optimouse Prime.

In the pictures department, for a few images of the ROBO-Q class toys click here. Also click here to get a look I think is the Fast Action Battler version of Ratchet with army related paint job. Thanks to InvisibleMan for the link.


  1. I'm sorry, I just really hate what Wheelie looks like.

  2. hated first wheelie, hate this one.

    seems like Bay knows his material to me.

  3. kinda tired of so many toys lol

  4. I don't think the glod admin should update toy info. I honestly could care less about what toys are out... Oooh Optimus... Oooh Bumblebee..

    You've see Optimus you've seen ALL his toys no matter what damn toy they are..

    Update your site when it's viable news, not toy reviews or gay ass toy pictures.

  5. ADMIN:

    Don't listen to these toy review haters!!


    Jake from Mesa, AZ

  6. Okay Wheelie is Crap
    WTF is that Mickey mouse/Optimus prime toy.It looks crap aswell.
    Optimus is looking cool however i noticed something that the guy missed. You can flip the waist down giving prime a skeletal thin look the back plate of the battery pack joins onto Jetfire and also has clips to the bottom and back legs of optimus.

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  7. I honestly could care less about what toys are out...

    You are not alone here, this blog wasn't made just for you... If you see that there is another toy news, just close the window, and forget about it, instead of waisting your time writing how much your hate it :P

  8. God I hate these toys soooooo much. Toys are for fags like that dude Jake a few posts above LOL. Toy fags!!!!!

  9. ^^^What do you collect---HUMAN HAIR??

  10. Stop hating on the toys. Transformers has a diverse fan base so some people like the toys, some like the cartoons, and some like the movies. Optimus is cool, I don't care much for Wheelie, and the Mickey Mouse is alright. I loled when I saw it for the first time. Hasbro is probably trying to again appeal to the younger Transformers fans out there with it.

  11. Hasbro is probably trying to again appeal to the younger Transformers fans out there with it.

    Hasbro didn't make it, it's from Takara.

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  15. how in the world some douchebag get these toys from before release dates? maybe beggin hasbro for the toys so they give to the cry baby so they can show off to ppl

  16. intructions of Prime and Bumblebee

  17. Bumblebee and Soundwave bios

  18. Counterpunch3/07/2009 6:00 PM

    Disappointed with you Scorpio.



  19. great, been waiting for the soundwave bio for a long time.

    unfortunately it doesn't shed as much light on the story as i thought it would. expected some megatron reveals in there like in starscream's bio.

  20. Killing Time3/07/2009 9:32 PM

    also notice the packaging for Soundwave, Ravage projectile.


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