Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sideways Bios and More Toy Galleries

Few more new bios for Transformers 2 have shown up online, two for Sideways and one for Breakaway (still unknown if movie character). First the new toy galleries.

Robot Replicas Megatron - The action figure from all sides
TF Logo Candy Dispenser - Click the link for a video that demonstrates a tie-in product that transforms from the Autobot logo to rectangular shape that has the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen logo on it.
Fast Action Battler Mudflap - Yep still ugly.

Now that the galleries are out of the way, on to the bios from TFW2005. The gallery provides the backs of Deluxe Sideways, FAB Sideways, Deluxe Breakaway and includes previously seen bios of Deluxe Rampage and FAB Long Haul. The bios pretty much say that Sideways is a lazy coward while Breakaway's bio makes no reference to the movie, something that usually indicates that he is not a movie character.

Deluxe Sideways:
Back on Cybertron, Sideways was a simple courier who avoided combat at all costs. He tried to always remain in the shadow of larger Decepticons, where the Autobots might not notice him. On Earth, he's keeping much of the same practice. He teamed up with Demolisher early on, and hopes that if the Autobots find them the big Constructicon can keep him safe.
Fast Action Battler Sideways:
Sideways usually relies on his speed to stay out of fights. When he does have a fight, he likes to make the other guy run, if he can. His magna missiles lock onto the metal of his opponent's armor and chase their target anywhere it goes. While that happens, Sideways kicks back and laughs.
Deluxe Breakaway:
Serving in an army of robots tied to the ground makes Breakaway unique. He is one of the very few among the elite Autobot flyers, and he is unmatched for speed in a straight line. While other pilots focus on aerial acrobatics that confound the enemy, Breakaway is content to speed over a fight at seemingly impossible velocity, releasing bombs and missiles that strike their targets before the thunderous boom of his passage can catch up.


  1. FIRST!!

    WOW sideways personality contrasts greatly the 1 bios. One makes him sound lik a pansy, while the other makes him sound comical. I thought he was gonna be all kewl and gangsta due to his audi mode. Breakaway is asian...a hit and run flyer!!!

  2. Breakaway is pretty lousy looking. Cool bio, but crappy robot mode.

  3. Mudflap's toy seems cool except his head it is sooooo ugly. Maybe it's like ET he's suppose to be ugly because he's alien.

  4. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that the FAB & Deluxe 'Mudflap' are similar in color scheme but........

    the FAB 'Skids' car has the correct colored hood and the Deluxe {better version} is all green. So if you want a 'movie accurate' Skids you need to buy the FAB toy---Maybe Skids will be in the "PREMIUM" series.


  6. So, is it confirmed that Sideways is not Barricade with a new vehicle mode? For sure?

  7. "So, is it confirmed that Sideways is not Barricade with a new vehicle mode? For sure?"

    who ever said it was barricade? and why would you believe that?

  8. A ton of people said Sideways was going to actually be Barricade on this site thank god they were wrong!!!!

  9. Counterpunch3/18/2009 12:12 AM

    look at the 1st poster... here we go again... gotta have some stupid idiot who ignores the rules of posting in this blog...

  10. ^^^ Who cares?? At least he didn't just type 'first' and that's it

    He made a good point in the FIRST post...

    Cry-babies all around on this blog and your post was even more worthless than this one I am currently typing----maybe the 'regulars' should leave :)

  11. i find it amusing that sideways's bio makes it sounds like he hides alot, but on earth he picks one of the most stand out cars there is.

  12. Counterpunch3/18/2009 1:02 AM

    Anonymous said...

    ^^^ Who cares?? At least he didn't just type 'first' and that's it

    He made a good point in the FIRST post...

    Cry-babies all around on this blog and your post was even more worthless than this one I am currently typing----maybe the 'regulars' should leave :) <--- hey idiot go read on previous thread. no racist calling or 1st 2nd BS etc you muppet. just coz you logged in as anonymous you think you can get away with it. bodoh...

  13. ^^^ Are you following the rules??

    Anon @ 12:32 didn't call you an "idiot muppet" so why does he/she have to be treated that way because of the 'anonymous factor'? HMM quite the double-edged sword

    Your name sure is fitting----everytime someone says something you are right there to throw it in their face---I agree SOME--I MEAN SOME of the 'regs' should just GO AWAY!!!

  14. For your information, It's been a theory all along that the Audi could be Barricade with a new vehicle mode, since we never knew what happened to him in the first film. So that still leaves the question...is it officially confirmed? So far, the bios are lessening those chances.

  15. To Anon 1:41: AM (above):

    I'd say that two bios for the toy would count as the most confirmed you can imagine next to actually watching the movie. Sideways is Sideways, Barricade is Barricade, besides, if you read Ghosts of Yesterday (the prequal for TF1) you can easily see that they are very different from one another. Where Sideways seems to be a chicken, Barricade is probably one of the most intelligent and cruel decepticons in the Bay-universe.

    Barricade's vehicle-mode-vehicle has been spotted on set as well as on on a truck-trailer going somewhere I can't remember, together with Optimus and Ironhide if I remember it correctly.

  16. have we confirmed Optimus Prime doesn't die?

    thats my example of how lame it is to try to solidify random rumors from people not connected to the film.

  17. The "First" thing is slightly annoying...but i can deal with that better than #'s 2-100!!!..if you're first then hey...ya know...if you're on here enough..eventually it'll happen..whatever..

    I REALLY hope the Bots get some air support in this movie...they almost HAVE to have it...and not just the "air transport" for travel...that big guy will most likely (if in the movie) will be slow, not agile, etc., etc.,(but might have bad ass weapons or some sort of shield or "cloaking")

    Hopefully Breakaway will be in the movie...his bio sounds cool as shit...Somebody needs to be there to put an AIM-9 or a Sparrow missle up Screamers tailpipe (where Megatrons foot or tank treak usually is)

    How much longer till the movie??? 3 months 6 days or something.....BRING IT ON BAAAAYYYYYY!!!!

    And i still think that Skids and Mudflap will play a pretty important(in some way) role in the movie..

  18. Does anyone have the new comic?
    I need it bad.

  19. Counterpunch3/18/2009 9:32 AM

    I do Essex... whats your mail...

  20. Does anyone have the new comic?
    I need it bad.

    Which one, mister accurate...?

  21. Thanks Counterpunch. My info receptor is set to
    Primus thanks you.

    Hey Does anyone think The Fallen got along with humans before he went dormant? Or at least didn't kill them.

  22. Counterpunch3/18/2009 10:09 AM

    Those who wana picture how a F-35 look like in a movie go watch Die Hard 4. That is how Breakaway will look like "if" he is in the movie...

    No prob Essex.

  23. So, The Fallen set up Megatron, to make Prime send the Allspark to Earth, Then follow it in order to be sprung by the Deceps.

  24. I bet in this movie they will simply state, with Optimus's narration, that after the battle with Megatron they hunted down Barricade and destroyed him but were unable to find Scorpinok.

  25. Is anyone else thinking that Sideways is a copy of Barricade! Also i still think Sideways should have been more cunning and strong as he sounds like a coward here. Also will Barricade be in this film. I think he is because of the three Barricade cars which were seen on set (Three because they are used for stunts)

    Breakaway looks like a Clone trooper from starwars!

  26. Counterpunch3/18/2009 11:52 AM

    Your posts alwuz gives me a headache, Scorp...

  27. Breakaway is asian...a hit and run flyer!!!
    That's rude. I don't mind the "First" stuff, but comments like that are uncalled for.

    i find it amusing that sideways's bio makes it sounds like he hides alot, but on earth he picks one of the most stand out cars there is.
    I also found it funny that Sideways sounds like he tries to go un-noticed, but then picks an Audi R8 for an alt mode. He must have landed in an Audi dealership or something.

    Hey Does anyone think The Fallen got along with humans before he went dormant? Or at least didn't kill them?
    I think it will be more like they thought he was Ra (an Egyptian Sun God). His head does give of that Egyptian head covering style look, like King Tut's coffin.

  28. Counterpunch3/18/2009 12:20 PM

    Kasumi said...

    Breakaway is asian...a hit and run flyer!!!
    That's rude. I don't mind the "First" stuff, but comments like that are uncalled for. <---- exactly the point I made earlier up above. That & him going 1st when we are clear all that BS has got to stop.

  29. Nice design of Breakaway, The head in to the cockpit looks awesome!! Wish jetfire design was like that, not with moustache.

    30rth !

  30. Someone asked about the Fallen interacting with humans???

    GREAT QUESTION---I posted a long time ago that I believe Bay will show that the Fallen built the pyramids for the Egyptians and as he built the last one {with the diff. colored top--I think the great pyramid} they had him entombed in it hence the reason the pinnacle looks 'shotty'

    I'm sure he's out for Revenge--HMM--Revenge of the Fallen :)

    LM in PA

  31. Anon @ 12:37

    "Jetfire w/mustouche"

    It's a beard b/c he's old----he's not Magnum P.I.


  32. **insert rude, obnoxious, racist, fowl, disgusting and annoying comment here**

  33. "Jetfire w/mustouche"
    Maybe they originally designed Jetfire as Kup but then changed it to have the whole Jetfire Decepticon or Autobot thing.
    -Your posts alwuz gives me a headache, Scorp...-
    Sorry i can go on a bit LOL

  34. I totaly agree with counterpunch about the comments

  35. Pleas no Scorpio!!!.....*elbow's Scorpio in the ribs*.....ha ha

  36. Just to annoy heres another post. But seriously why is everyone annoyed with my comments as i am only replying or voicing my opinion like anyone else. The FAB Sideways looks cool i might actually by it.

  37. *Shakes head at another one of Scorp's comments*

    PS Just feeling like a Decepticon atm... due to mr. Scorp here...


  38. Replying to above:
    Why are you only doing this to me when there are comments about what number post they are. Breakaway`s design is cool but he seems a bit top heavy behind his head.

  39. There should be a limit on 'Scorpio' posts---I say.......

    Once a week {and that one should be no more than 2 sentences}


  40. Oh and there should be a limit to the people who go and say the number of there post!

    This whole topic seems to be goin wildly out of proportion why is everyone picking on each other?

    beisdes that person Scropio(?) Only did one comment that that other person Counterpunch just started being rude to him. My thoughts are that Counterpunch and others like him are bieng bitchy because they didnt win that competition Scropio did a while ago.

  41. ^^^ Good Points.

    'Regs' that should be banned:

    'Scorpio'---Goes ON & ON {mostly about nothing}
    'Counterpunch'---Look up 'JERK' & you'll see this guy's pic
    'Snotrocket'---The least funny of any poster EVER!!


  42. Good points Brett--Daytona,FL

    However i still think it isnt much there fault there probably all confused or wacked out on drugs on something. Scorpio does go on but once in a few post he makes a good point and i think he said he was cutting down on long posts. Counterpunch although a jerk does bring in good points and views despite insulting people. And Snotpocket has many good points and humor although he does insult a few people. My suggestion is to delete all rude or offensive comments or ones that just say the name of there posts.

    The only problem is nobody listens except when the admin says stuff everyone else just moans at each other when there is nobody else to insult.

  43. Hey...SNORTPOCKET...how long do you think it'll take 'em to get it right?? LMAO!!!

    I dont think Mr. Punch...aka CounterPunch..is a jerk...he has his ways and days just like the rest (or most)of us on this blog....

    Same thing goes for Scorpio...sometimes he's slightly annoying and long *winded*..but then again so am i...LOL...

    I just enjoy occasionally giving 'em a little......*ribbing*!!!!

    I enjoy critical thought just like the next guy....POST ON MY FELLOW TRANSFANS!!!!!

  44. Oh yeah...why put your name and location and still post under anonymus???

    1 more thing...its funny how people who have BEEN on this blog for a while accept/learn to live/deal with people/certain things......and then the "Anonymus" and "new" people say that(in their expert and obviously extremely qualified opinion) certain "Regs" should be banned..........sounds pompous and arrogant to me...then again i guess thats just my "Reg" .02 cents!!!

  45. Counterpunch3/20/2009 3:58 AM

    Transgore - At least learn to spell properly. I am not bitchy nor do I care for not winning Scorpio's contest. Jeez, why would I wana get upset over something minute? Unlike you who says I am a jerk in one post & in the next says Im alrite. Which is which? You must be a gurl coz you cant make up your mind.

    Brett, Daytona,FL - So a noob that just appears out of nowhere running his mouth... obviously you're a lurker since you've observed the regulars' post for awhile. Snortpocket is a funny ass dude alrite? Cmacc's alrite too in my book... Scorp does like to write essays in here but he's fine too... If you're so "righteous" why dont you come down to Calabasas... show you a thing or two about manners.

    Lastly Brett... you're FUBAR. period. go look up in the dictionary for that word.


  46. Counterpunch- So now your taking the piss out of girls!

    I was only helping out other people on this blog and supporting those who have people annoying them. Also the Admin wouldnt want us all to bitch about everything. I have no problem with you and i dont want to quarrel but i dont want everyone on theis blog fighting.

  47. Counterpunch3/20/2009 4:10 PM

    Keep your righteous thoughts to yourself Transgore. You dragging my name without reason is pushing it.

    The other regs quarrel with me vice versa. So deal with it.

  48. I wasn't meaning to annoy you however the way you write leaves it open to suggestion and could accidentally offend people. Especially if you post things like:
    -You must be a gurl coz you cant make up your mind.-

  49. Barricade, since he can't fly, was probably stuck on Earth. He Was Probably hiding from the autobots, and somewhere in the movie (I say this because we saw the Saleen on set) he changes his name and vehicle mode.

  50. Get what I'm saying? It's a possibility.

  51. Is Anyone going to Reply! Dang! What takes so long!?

  52. Counterpunch, this is an all-age website. Take It Easy Dude.

  53. That was a very sexist remark Counterpunch.

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