Friday, March 13, 2009

Transformers Defiance #3 Preview

IDW has released the first five pages of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Defiance #3. The mini-series covers the origin of the civil war that engulfs the Cybertronian race. In this case, it appears that The Fallen played a rather critical role in igniting the war. The preview pages can be found here. Thanks to minime and Phil for the link.


  1. Awesome. I need to get my hands on these comics somehow... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just can't get into IDW's G1 comics but their movie stuff has been fantastic. Easily my favorite TF comics since the old Marvel days. I just wish all the movie figures that were repainted from other lines (such as the energon/cybertron repaints) had the heads that are shown in these comics cos they look a lot better here than on the toys.

  3. Looks to be another great movie comic.

  4. This is gonna be the greatest shit ever.
    I truly love where they are taking the story.

    It looks like The Fallen is directing Megatron to bust him out. Contacting Megs through the Artifact is great. Guess that means there are other artifacts just as important or slighty less than the allspark.

    But this happens thousands of years before what is taking place now. so duh.

    If Bay handles the Mythos as well as IDW does then were gonna need way more than two more movies.

  5. Finally, they've found a competent artist to handle this story.

    Whoever has been drawing the last two issues just doesn't understand how the movie designs are intended to look. Apparently, this new artist is a veteran artist who did the art for the first movie's prequel comic. He DOES understand the aesthetic. When I saw his art for Defiance #3, I've been dripping with anticipation (eew) for him to take over the art for months.

    THIS is how it should have looked from the beginning, something that can compare to Alex Milne's skill.

  6. I think the arts been pretty decent so far actually. But then the most recent issue of the Transformers UK magazine had them rendered halfway towards Transformers Animated looking crap that I can't stand so I guess compared to that the first two issues of Defiance look incredible.
    I like how Alex Milne draws the TF's but I really dislike how he draws humans. Reminds me of my own stuff before I stopped trying to draw bad anime-inspired stuff that lacked any real character (well I mostly just stopped drawing altogether cos I was crap)

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