Monday, March 16, 2009

Variety: Transformers 3 Gets a Date

Despite Transformers Revenge of the Fallen still 101 days away from its release date, Variety is reporting that DreamWorks and Paramount have chosen July 1st, 2011 as the date for Transformers 3. This is similar to the previously rumored June 29, 2011 date from late last year.
HOLLYWOOD -- Paramount and DreamWorks are forging ahead with "Transformers 3," dating the movie for release on July 1, 2011.
It's the first word of the three-quel, although Paramount insiders downplayed the importance of the move.

They said the studio wanted to claim the date before a competitor did, considering that the 2011 summer release calendar is filling up.

No deals have been inked with director Michael Bay or franchise stars Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. Nor has a writer been hired for the third installment.
What this means is the studio simply circled a date on the calendar and said "Mine! Compete if you dare!" with maybe an evil laugh. Does this mean they will achieve the release date? Obviously it is doable since Transformers 2 is coming out on time despite a rather sizable roadblock of a Writers’ Strike. Money is really the only limitation, not time, and if Transformers 2 reaches or exceeds expectations then that will not even be much of an issue. Thanks for Brian for the link.


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  2. i have been waiting for this announcement. love it love it! i'm so happy that we have transformers to enjoy on the big screen.

  3. There they go with the retarded first,second crap...but what will this thread do for a whole year??

  4. dear blog owner, give me access to delete First posts, i beg you.

  5. Kinda cool to know there's a 3rd coming, but I did remember Bay saying he wanted a year off before starting on anythin :)

  6. in 3 i believe jazz comes back, but due to injuries his alt mode must be some type of convertible.

  7. It will happen on time if and only if Transformers2:ROTF is going to get a final worldwide box office gross way higher than the first movie. I see no reason why it shouldn't, the Teaser Trailer proves that it's going to have what it needs to achieve that BUT every fan of the first movie and the franchise in general will have to support it in every possible way. Prepare yourselves to bring your family, parents, relatives, friends in theaters to watch it and multiple times with whoever would enjoy a second or third run. The movie will be massive, I really hope that it's going to be the best movie directed by Bay ever. Let's support his work and then he will decide to not delay Transformers3. No one wants Paramount/Dreamworks to even ever consider replacing Bay with another director, another director would kill the franchise.

  8. IDK about the date wont this put it in competition with harry potter... again.

  9. Awwwww....yeah...bring back Bay for #3...i'm just gettin used to his back asswards way of doing things......

    His boom-boom's are good though.....looks like we're gonna get alot more of that this time #3 he'd have to take it to a WHOLE 'NOTHER LEVEL!!!

    Bring on a bad ass #2 and ridiculous #3!!

  10. It's the star wars trilogy of today. i love it. bay or not, having a third transformers movie means im excited. bay will be there though. we wouldn't have it any other way.

  11. So why is Dreamworks still atached to a 3rd. I thought they split with Paramount and only have there name still attached to ROTF because it was started as a joint effort??? Anyone??

  12. "So why is Dreamworks still atached to a 3rd. I thought they split with Paramount and only have there name still attached to ROTF because it was started as a joint effort??? Anyone??"

    My guess is that they are still attached to the franchise, not just this movie.

    It will be interesting to see how things progress given that Bay did recently announce wanting to take a year off. Then again, he came back for the second and even turned down other projects because he didn't want anyone else touching his baby.

    I always figured LaBeouf and Fox signed for a trilogy......perhaps they didn't.

    I think it would be cool to have a complete trilogy, with 3 being the biggest and the best. I think there are still a lot of characters and stories to explore. Which brings up Orci and Kurtzman. Would THEY be up for a third. I'd hate for Transformers to pull a Batman and completely change style and actors. I guess we'll see!

  13. July 1st, 2011?

    Damnit, I'm busy that day

  14. ^^^ Your sister will be with me that day so it looks as if you have nothing on your plate to worry about---have fun watchin' TF-3 :)

  15. im sorry good sir but although I have no doubt that your intentions are noble I can assure you that I have no sister and deeply apologize for any confusion I may have inadvertently caused

    you pube

  16. LaBeouf and Fox did sign on for three, (read that in an interview around the time of the first movie) as is the case with most movies now a days, I.E. Christian Bale for new Batman Movies, as well as the new Terminator movies. However this has become a fairly common practice as of late in Hollywood. Interesting part is that if the movie studio doesn't want to use you in the sequels, they don't have to. Just ask Howard Terrance how it feels being replaced by Don Cheetle in Iron Man 2. Howard never gets to become War Machine. That must suck.

  17. Nevermind Howard Terrance, what about Paltrow Gwyneth and Downey Robert?

  18. Im just worried now that there is a 3, maybe that means there HAS to be a 3. like so many rumors of Optimus Prime being killed in this one. 3 is kinda necessary to bring him back.. I just dont wanna see prime die! plain and simple!!

  19. Nevermind Howard Terrance, what about Paltrow Gwyneth and Downey Robert?
    You should be the first regular that is banned

    for..........not being funny......EVER

    pretty lame 'snotrocket'

  20. Yo Yo Yo---I iz readin Michael Bay's website and he say dat Transformers iz indeed comin back for a 3rd film but da Paramount done screwed up and made it 2011

    Da man himself confirmed it for da summer of 2012

    Montego Bay, JAM

  21. twenty-FIRST

    Thanks for the info "Rasta"

  22. No problem mon---iz you also Jamaican?? I iz wonderin cuz you called me "Rasta" & usually only us natives say dat.

    If you ain't--don't worry bout it cuz it makes us feel good.


  23. It's a mistake !
    The release date is 2o12, sais Michael Bay.
    Just a misunderstanding on the phone beetween him and the company...

  24. Usually now-a-days, actors are asked to sign for 3 movies before they are given the part.

    The actors of "Lost in Space" actors were asked to do the same thing, just the movie kind of bombed and 2 and 3 were never made.

    For Batman: Michael Keaton pulled out of doing part 3 cause he saw that it was turning away from the Dark feel of 1 & 2 and going with a more campy style.

  25. Let's just hope the second doesn't disappoint and gets good reviews so the third won't be a waist of time.

  26. If Prime dies, I will have to lock myself in a room and do Nothing but play with my Transformers collections for weeks just to get over the pain and suffering of the coolest character ever dying twice in my lifetime. Either that, or I will just be disgusted and wish they didn't kill him....we'll see.


  27. Kup said...
    There they go with the retarded first,second crap...but what will this thread do for a whole year??
    Scorpio says:
    Maybe it will just stop kind of like other blogs or the Red Dwarf Blog which stopped and started anew when it returned. Soon the waiting will be over though and we will all be so pleased seeing the masterpiece known as Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. So i can expect at least six months after the film is released to be predictions of the third film. When the DVD is released we will probably be watching that continuously for four months besides Bay needs a Holiday so lets all relax and just enjoy the film.

  28. Anonymous said...

    that joke is like a fine wine, it just gets better as it ages

  29. There is a Red Dwarf Blog? Where is that one?

    There is a show that should be made into a Hollywood movie. (more so than Hitchikers Guide to the Universe)

  30. Let's just hope the second doesn't disappoint and gets good reviews so the third won't be a waist of time.

    So... If a second movie get bad review, that means, the third movie won't be worth watching...? What...?

  31. Replying to Anonymous at 1:27PM:
    Well there`s the official site here:
    And there's this blog here (Be warned content is rude)
    Unfortunately the blog seems to have went dead as the writer seems to have left it.
    Cant wait till it`s return in Easter although how will they explain how they went forward in time 3 million years and return to find earth in 2009.
    I support a Red Dwarf Film! Hopefully in cinema`s.

  32. that's some stupid shit dawg
    fuck this shit, i'm not waiting this long for this shit
    transformers sucks

  33. To above
    Why did you come on to this blog and write shit about transformers. Just go away. Please Admin block this guy ^^^^


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