Monday, April 06, 2009

IMAX Experience Montage

As part of ShoWest, a montage of IMAX Experience movies for this summer were shown including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The clip is a brief comment from Michael Bay about IMAX and a shot of Sideways crashing through an apartment as seen in the trailer. It also shows clips of other movies such as Harry Potter 6 and Star Trek. The Transformers 2 part starts at the 1:10 and 2:34 points.


  1. Sry xD But the video doesnt show us anything of value

  2. yeah that video sucked ass...

  3. Avatar sounds pretty good.

  4. Was not even worth mentioning, old scenes. I want to see the actual video shown at Showest of all the Transformers!

  5. question: who is destroying the bridge when optimus arrives?

  6. Answer: That is a very large Decepticon (Constructicon) named Demolishor. His vehicle mode is the worlds largest earth-mover, a Terex RH400.

  7. here we go with the damn first crap...told yall that montage will be leaked

  8. Kup said:
    "here we go with the damn first crap...told yall that montage will be leaked"

    OMFG! That was worth the wait and sleepless nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree, if it doesn't show anything new, not worth posting.

  9. yeah man that first crap is laaaaaaaaame...

  10. wow thanx for wasting two minutes and thirty seconds of my life. wheres the new shit??

  11. Apsolutely nothing new.

    It`s just an advertising campaign for that silly IMAX cinema besides everyone knows that when these 3D films are released on DVD You will have the option of watching them in 3D so why pay a lot more to sit in a cinema with even more annoying people around you.

    Here is a list of films i am not going to watch:
    Monsters VS Aliens
    Seriously? Sounds like an Alien VS Predator ripp off and is not at all funny enough.
    Humm looks good the only part i was thrown off on was the spinning rockets that attack the ship in the trailer where the camera follows the rockets spinning.
    Harry Potter and the Half blood prince
    I promised to Boycott this after warner bros teased me by having it come out a few weeks before my birthday then moved it eight months away.
    No trailer nothing just a guy saying its like "Dreaming with your eyes wide open" which is obviously a rip off of Bridge to Terabithia.
    Shrek goes Fourth
    This series lost all intrest after the second film!
    Disneys a Christmas carol
    I`ve already seen enough of these sorts of films.
    How to train your dragon
    Too childish

  12. yeah you can say that is a good have u got a better quality though ?

  13. Well, that was a useless "news update"...

  14. Micheal bay has just said in a recent interview with MTV alot of spoilers about the film (If true)

    Here are the main points of the interview:

    Mikela will be reintroduced stealing something.
    There are no car chases however there will be other action stunts (Probably doesnt count the Sideways chase as a Car chase)

    Devastator will be filmed in IMAX (However MTV then refer Devasator is the giant wheeled robot in the trailer)

    Also other news is that the design for Devastator seems to be based on the images in the following links which were around in 2008:

    This one is from 2007! Doesnt this just scream to you that it was in the clips shown a while ago:

    And this one which seems to have been an idea involving a warehouse (If your not excited see the trailer with Megatron holding sam in a warehouse):

    And this one a continuation of the Bumbleebee fight:

    And this one which shows just how massive Devastator is. The one in the air is Ironhide!:

    Or this one showing Longhaul made in 2008. Humm is it just me or does this bear a striking resemblance to Josh nizzi`s Longhaul design made after this!

    Thats all for now until that is there is a New Update!

  15. Lets change the subject.
    Do you guys think that Vector Prime should have an Earth alt mode in the films?

  16. No offense Scorpio, but I don't think anyone reads your long-a$$ posts. I know I don't.

  17. I want to see the footage of Bumblebee in the garage.

  18. Thanks for the pics, Scorp. Although, the second link that has the name "movie_prime_vs_devastator" looks a lot more like the Fallen.

    It's interesting to see how characters evolve through the course of making the movie. If they actually got through early concept art and on into some storyboards for this version of Dev, this must have been the working model for a while. And his design was a lot more in line with the upright biped version of Devastator that we all know and love.

    Since the new version is clearly based more on brute strength, bulk and destructive capability, rather than just straight height, they had to change the dynamic of the action scenes. No more reaching to the top of tall buildings like in these boards. New Dev looks pretty nice - looking forward to seeing him in giganto IMAX glory.

  19. Correction. I see all the wheels and vehicle parts in that pic on a second look. That is a version of Dev. Oops, My bad. :p

  20. -Do you guys think that Vector Prime should have an Earth alt mode in the films?-

    If Vector prime was to appear in the third film he would need to camoflague himself as earth would already know about the Autobots after the events of movie 1 and the apperance of Devastator in the second film.

    -No offense Scorpio, but I don't think anyone reads your long-a$$ posts. I know I don't.-

    It might help if you did there is a bit of good information in long posts. Most of the time they are long because i add Website links or theories.

    -Thanks for the pics, Scorp-
    It`s okay however i am not sure whether it is actual concept art or just fan art. Most likely it is just fan art but it does give some hints on how action scenes in the film may look.

  21. i assume that devs didnt always look as bulky and menacing as the toy and concept art show but i think it looks better than some of the other designs in scorps' links.

    p.s i hope that the big plane(omega supreme)is in the movie so as to see a battle royal between him and devs.


  22. Thanks for the artwork pics Scorpio,I never saw those,they're cool.I'm hyped about Devs.He will be very very destructive,I hope the Prime/Jetfire combiner or Superion is there to stop him.Yes,I'm still hoping for Superion,cause there are many many planes in the water where the 5 pods fall on the aircraft carrier and into the ocean.

  23. Transformers 2 / GM related article.

  24. Hmmm... It is rather strange that someone would comment that the video posted wasted 2 and a half minutes of his life, and yet that same person watched it. Odd...

    Anyways, thanks to the administrator of this blog. It is truly informative and I try to visit it everyday. Keep up the good work!

  25. OMFG! That was worth the wait and sleepless nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont tell me you were holding your breath for new info...I just said it would be leaked

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  27. Replying to MP(?) At 3:50PM:

    Thats okay :) However i`m not sure if this is real concept art from the film. Omega Supreme may be the name of one giant plane transformer toy shown earlier which might feature in the film. So even if we dont get the arialbots we may have Omega Supreme fighting Devastator.

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