Friday, April 03, 2009

More AllSpark Shard, Bay Pics

As previously noted, LG had a booth in Las Vegas as a part of CTIA Wireless 2009 ShoWest that included the AllSpark fragment prop. Brian has provided more information of Michael Bay's visit to the booth and what he saw along with more pictures of the prop. Below is his report and a few pictures from Brian's gallery, which can be found here.
Michael Bay was supposed to arrive at 2pm but did not arrive until 5pm into the LG booth. The new phone they are promoting is called the Arena and they had a huge display area with 3 screens up showing this. It changed and went to the LG logo and the TF2 logos on them. They roped off the area and where the All Spark was then Bay came out. He looked at the All Spark display from a distance, did some photos, I got to meet him, was next to him, took pics. The President of LG America Jerry Wong (I think that is his last name) had a planned speech which he butchered up. He introduced the limited edition LG/Transformers Revenge of the Fallen phone. This phone is not yet out, still being developed and when more info is available, LG will post a website they said. This is a conjuction between LG/Paramount/Dreamworks he said too. They showed the trailer that was shown during the Super Bowl on the screens.
Bay was introduced, came up and took the mic. He said that he was excited about this partnership and new phone and was looking forward to getting it. He also said, he isn't too much into phones as he has an old regular phone and proceeded to pull out a Samsung flip phone. That got laughs from the crowd of course and the president shook his head. Bay then said, "that is the trailer we brought out during the Super Bowl. That is just part of it and not a lot of what's going on. There's so much more. I'm finishing up the movie and I’ll be working on it down to the release date. I'll be lucky if I finish it as I'll be down to the skin of my you know what." He then stated why he was in town (Showest, Vanguard award) and that was it. The LG President then made a joke about Bay's cell phone, said "let's get him a better phone, gave him his and took the Samsung away. It was a temp switch of course.
More photos of Bay, then Bay and the President with the All Spark, etc. The All Spark was roped off due to it being fragile and being able to be knocked over. A media outlet (not sure who) was able to ask 3 questions. First was asked about the movie. He said it's bigger, more stuff in it. "We are able to do more now than before with graphics and images and it's exciting" Asked about the USA Today article that came out about the new robots and he didn't comment directly. The other questions I could not hear.

He was supposed to sign 1 sheets but he left quickly and didn't sign any autographs. I was bummed as I wanted one. It was about 30 minutes total. He got out of there quickly. He seemed agitated, but then again, he looks like that a lot I guess.




  2. "He seemed agitated, but then again, he looks like that a lot I guess."

    The dude's got a movie to finish. Let's not take up his time!

  3. @The Chad: yep, you are right. Bay was obligated by contract to attend the events but he surely has a lot of work to do before reaching completion of the movie, they obviously need to test and re-test scenes over and over with selected viewers in order to decide which scenes are the best to be included in the final cut and which ones to need to be discarded before going to the final rendering stage where full quality CGI is created by clusters of servers there at ILM.

  4. Ask anyone out there who has a job with massive looming deadlines why they appear agitated or strained when they show up for a wedding or some family outing. You have to be there, but you're definitely not going to like it.

  5. -He seemed agitated, but then again, he looks like that a lot I guess.-

    One of his advisors probably just told him about the reaction to the supreme sized Devastator or the leaked images of Scalpel and the confirmation of the Insecticons. :)

    Seriously although i like spoilers too much is bieng given away. I hope we dont have the leaked plot scenario again where someone hacked and uploaded the plot from Bay`s computer. I enjoy speculation more than fancy news.

  6. Oh My GOD leaked news (Major spoilers)

    Arcee is killed off in this film

    Bay said this in an interview on he said he hated her so he killed her.

  7. Also i would like everyone to voice there opinion on the previous post and answer these questions:

    1. Did she deserve to be killed off
    2. Seeing as we havent saw her yet do you think it was a bit of a rash decision revealing her fate.
    3. Who kills her (I`m thinking Sideways or Barricade)
    4. Who else do you think will die

    Let me know :)

  8. she doesn't die, he's lying to throw you guys off. stop believing everything that gets thrown out there.

  9. OK rumor or misinformation aside, looking at this hypothetically because I could definitely see Arcee getting killed...

    I would say that her death would be way more dramatic by some major character like the Fallen or Devastator. This is because of her relationship with Ironhide, and her dying would cause some major pissed off revenge ass kicking on his part. If it were just Barricade, it would be too easy for Ironhide to off him, and thus not dramatic.

  10. Bay said that her death would be done quick and forgotten so most likely she is killed off early in the film with less emotional response than Jazz. This could all be part of his Misinformation capaign however if not i am really annoyed as just because bay hates a charecter doesnt mean fans will hate them too!

  11. THANK GAWD A ONE WHEELED CHARACTER WILL DIE. Not saying I like Arcee or not but her appearing as a uni-cycle has ' DEAD SOON' written all over her.

    So Arcee will die. Along with the Twins. Great...

    I am so so expecting the Dinobots, Aerialbots & Protectobots to fking land in Egpyt for the climatic battle.

    Just for ' keeping my hopes up'. Bots dont stand a effin chance at all!

  12. lol i can understand you hoping for the dinobots aerialbots and protectobots, but "Expecting" them. Their not going to be in the movie get over it.

  13. To anon 7.00am:I think there is a good chance we get to see the Aerialbots and Superion.Even Dinobots,we saw Grimlock in the Sector 7 clip on the Blu-Ray special features,just like Ramjet and the Insecticon,gues what.....there are Insecticons in ROTF.Most likely also Ramjet.Just hoping and being optimistic.

  14. Got some (Spoilers) concept art here:


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