Sunday, May 31, 2009

Botcon 2009 Day 2 Panels (Updated)

Day two at Botcon 2009 has ended and below are links to galleries and panel summaries that may interest you including costumes, custom TF toys, the Activision panel, IDW panel and Weird Al appearance.

Hasbro Review Panel
A look at upcoming products and exclusives that include a ROTF Voyager Fallen on Fire exclusive for Target. Toys R Us exclusives will include ROTF Battle Pack (G1 Soundwave with 1st movie Megatron), G1 Insecticons and G1 Percepter (i.e. recreated mold from 25 years ago). Wal-Mart will get Masterpiece Skywarp, which will look more like its cartoon counterpart then the Japanese release. Additional ROTF toys are also in the works including Bludgeon, Jungle Attack Ironhide (with bumper that transformers into crossbow, knives, etc), and new Human Alliance Barricade with Frenzy (that sites in the vehicle).

Costume Showcase
What is a convention without people in costume? Click the link for a gallery of pictures of various costumes including Animated Arcee (above), movie Bumblebee, movie Jazz, G1 Grimlock, Frenzy puppet, and more.

Custom Transformers (also here)
A huge gallery of fans created Transformers, environments, repaints and more. An example is the picture here of Tetrajet Sunstorm whose alt mode is inspired by the Cybertronian mode of the Seekers in the very first G1 cartoon from 25 years ago.

IDW Publishing Panel
Preview of art from future comics such as Spotlight: Cliffhanger and Metroplex, upcoming issue of All Hail Megatron, and maybe a Transformers: Animated comic book.

Activision Video Game Panel
Q&A session about the video game. No new information was released. Discussion focused on features of the game, achievement system, confirmation that Devastator was not playable character, about 100 hours of music just for the game, and more.

Weird Al and David Kaye Panel
A Q&A session with Weird Al Yankovic (who should need no introduction also played Wreck Gar in TF Animated) and David Kaye (Prime in TF Animated, Megatron in Beast Wars and Beast Machines, and much more). They discussed doing work on Transformers: Animated, voice work, and various other topics.

Update: Three more galleries for you enjoyment. One is for the dealer room that shows off all kinds of Transformers goodies over the years and the other two are from the Paramount Party that sorta closed off Botcon (same one that aired the TF footage) with appearances by Tyrese (with Ratchet), Peter Cullen, Weird Al, Stan Bush, and more. One of these years I will actually get to go to one.

Dealer Room
Paramount Party I
Paramount Party II

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