Friday, May 29, 2009

Botcon Friday Panels

Botcon has started its full first day of Transformers festivities. For those that couldn't be there, here is a few links and summaries of the information learned at the panels.

G1 Matrix of Leadership Set
- Not really Botcon news, but the 16 DVD box set of the entire G1 television series is set for release on July 13, 2009 with a price of $140.00 USD.
- Set includes interviews, featurettes, concept art, toy commercials, scripts and a 60 page booklet. Click link above for more info.

Music of the Transformers Panel
- Panel with Vince DiCola and Stan Bush who provided music for animated Transformers: The Movie.
- Dicola was "hurt" he didn't get to contribute to the current films but has respect for Steve Jablonski. Also felt that a "marriage of the orchestral and the techno" would have been better fit musically.
- "Two new toys from Hasbro will feature a '07 re-record of the Touch" (not sure what that means)
- Both plan on working on new albums for release later this year.

Transformers: Animated Panel
- As suspected, the just finished third season of the show is its last and the series and line has been cancelled (so if holding out, better pick up the toys while can).
- Panel was mostly animated shorts and character profiles.
- Sadly no specifics on what info on the creation process or fan questions.

Transformers Collectors Club Toy Gallery
- As part of Botcon, there is was release of toys specific to the club (which costs $35 I think to join). Only members can order the toys.
- The toys are generally repaints of Animated toys, click the link to view.

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  1. does that G1 set include the movie? if so, it's worth getting. if not, that sucks!


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