Monday, May 25, 2009

Human Alliance Sideswipe in Packaging

The Arker has posted a gallery of pictures of Human Alliance Sideswipe with Tech Sergeant Epps in packaging with bio. This version looks kind of like a bloated version of Deluxe Sideways as modifications were made to accommodate the Epps action figure. Also the packaging does confirm Human Alliance Skids with Mikaela set. Below is the bio and a few pics. The full gallery can be found here. I have no idea why the blurring effect was added to some of the images. Thanks to dinoraw, Elis, and Chris for the info.

Human Alliance Sideswipe and Epps
When Sideswipe arrive on Earth, he was a raw, untrained fighter, used to battling alone and outnumbered. He was teamed with Epps so the Tech Sergeant could whip him into shape as an effective member of the strike team led by Ironhide. The two have become good friends. In combat, Epps' combat-hardened instincts direct the speed and cunning of Sideswipe with devastating effectiveness.


  1. I wonder if there going to share the same conection in the film

  2. what the f..k,like the corvette stingray body style as a full size car,but a little different as a toy

  3. maybe they are gonna work together as a team,baybe they are gonna share there connection,don't know,guess we will have to see the movie if they do


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