Thursday, May 21, 2009

Orci, Kurtzman Talk Ehren, Lack of Trilogy Plans

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, while taking about Star Trek, also discussed Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with Newsarama. Below is a few segments with the full article here.
Did the success of the first one allow you to go even bigger with this installment?
Kurtzman: Certainly the movie is bigger, but that is definitely not how we thought about it. We feel like the action scenes in these movies are a given to some degree, but they always have to have a serious emotional context or they mean nothing. That means you have to have a small character story at the heart of whatever movie you’re making. For us, it was really coming up with an emotional story that we believed in and felt was sequel worthy.
Orci: And yes, it’s bigger. We have more resources for effects and some of the locations which are just gorgeous and amazing.

NRAMA: With all the destruction they caused, how does the government view the Autobots?
Kurtzman: The Autobots are in partnership with our government, but not everybody here at home trusts them. There’s the question of whether the Autobots are really welcome on this planet, or aren’t they? That’s part of the story that plays in the relationship with the military and soldiers they met in the first one. Because Mission City was under a communication black out, the world is not fully aware of The Transformers. It’s become like the Area 51 which is something that plays out in the movie. Can the secret be kept?

NRAMA: Ehren Kruger is also credited on this script. How much input did he have?
Kurtzman: He was our partner. We all wrote it together. Two weeks before the writers’ strike, we all agreed to do it and literally had a short time to come up with an outline.
Orci: We lived in a hotel room together for three months. Director Michael Bay would come every day to check on our progress. Ehren was on one side of the room. There was a dividing door and Bob and I were on the other side. At noon, we would meet in the middle and trade pages, go back and forth to our respective sides, read each other’s work, and give notes. We were a partnership of three on that one.

NRAMA: Do you see these Transformer films as complete stand alone stories or a trilogy?
Kurtzman: That was not our conscious intent. And Michael was very clear too. We just wanted to make one big gigantic Transformers movie at the time.


  1. I hope they stick with it for a third movie.

  2. awesole lil red thnx

  3. awesome lil acticle thanx

  4. Give it to better writers. I hope. Get Zack Snyder or somebody else as well. I'm not trolling that's just how I feel. It can be better.

  5. Hopefully they'll kill it after 3 movies and not go the star trek route where it keeps getting shittier and shittier, until finally in 2037 the "Transformers 11" reboot arrives to save the franchise

  6. fuck Zack Snyder, we need "Kenneth Branagh's Transformers" set in medieval England.

    "Thou fighteth for the weak, hence thou loseth!!!"

  7. man, tflive is dead tonight. Everybody move over to SCORPIO THE FUTURE DOT BLOGSPOT DOT COM or something?

  8. Just thought I would bring this up if it hasn't alreay. I am reading the comics and saw the the little balls that roll on on the floor (in the new tv spots) are from Ravage and is the secret trick or special powers that one the writers brought up several weeks back. Just wanted to share

    -Worm (all ways use Anon. because I just quickly ck in and don't sign in)

  9. AHAHAHAHAHAHA...good one snortpocket

  10. This movie is going to be huge, they won't be able to resist a third! Maybe we'll have to wait a little longer but there will be a third, so long as there's a good story attached. :D

  11. How many people here think the story in the first movie was awesome?

    Everybody I know loves TF1 for the great story and character devolpment.

  12. Story, plot,comedy and character development is what Bay Orci and Kurtzman are famous for in Hollywood and it shows in spades in the first movie.

    Everybody I know loves the movie for its fun creative story telling and logic the comedy is second to none along with epic character development. When people think of Transformers they think great story telling.

  13. I hope ROTF has a great story like the TF1


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