Friday, May 29, 2009

Transformers: RoTF Toys On Sale Now (sorta)

Bumble SpudBased on various Transformer forums, the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toy line is now on sale in the states but your local mileage may vary. Depending on location, Wal-Mart either started selling the toys at midnight last night, 5PM today or midnight Saturday. Brian (who also provided the pics) reports to me that Target has already started selling the toys. No news yet on Toys R Us but I imagine they will not start until tomorrow morning. GeneralTekno informs me via Twitter that Toys R Us Canada is selling the toys as of today.

Also TFormers is reporting that Hasbro Toy Store is selling the toys with free shipping for orders over $50 by using the code FALLEN.

The pic above is "Bumble Spud" based off of Mr. Potato Head line. Below is part of the display, next to that is Voyager Prime with pretty dark colors and chinese markings, and the last is another part of the display along with a toy laptop of sorts. Have fun emptying your wallets!


  1. I'm stopping by walmart right after i get off just to make sure they're selling them!

    also, first!

  2. I called my Walmart and they said they weren't putting them out until the 31st. SO I guess I;m going to Toys R Us instead.

  3. They only just started selling them in the States? I got my ROTF Soundwave a few days ago and I tihnk they had been there for a little while.

  4. I was just at target and they did have them and i can now say that i have the fallen added to my collection :)!!

  5. Target in my area had the toys out and books..

  6. I'm the anon at 6:03

    I went to walmart.... and i bought myself bumblebee and sideswipe!

  7. ARobotinDisguise5/30/2009 2:10 AM

    YES, Transformers toys galore! I'm about to go to Target tomorrow morning and see if they have them in stock.

  8. no jetfire, the fallen or arcee at walmart yet. did get sideswipe, sideways, soundwave, and demolisher. also no devastator yet either. maybe target tomorrow!

  9. The Revenge has begun over here in the UK, too!

    I've seen the first waves of stuff at; Tesco, The Entertainer (where I gave a guy advice on waiting for Premiums to make a good decision), and Forbidden Planet (where I just bought Soundwave a few days ago! WOO! My ROTF collection has begun!)

    I seriously need a Toys 'R' Us...I'm betting they have a few things to offer, over here! :P

  10. I've been to three stores, and none of them had Soundwave or the Fallen. One didn't even have Starscream or Demolishor! Guess I'll have to order Soundwave online (he was the one I wanted most anyways).

    Did manage to nab Rampage, Sideswipe, and Sideways though. Overall I have to say the quality of the toys are much better this time around. The transformations feel a lot more solid.

  11. I know new characters have come out, but I still don't know the information about them, hope you put info on the toys stated at the back of the box.

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