Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Widescreen Vision Megan Fox Interview

Megan, pre-lip injections (yep they bug me that much)German site Widescreen Vision has posted an interview with Transformers 2 star Megan Fox. Below are a few segments from the article. The site is in German so click here to read it as translated by Google. Since a computer translation, it can be a somewhat choppy but good enough to get the point. Thanks to Michael for the find and the translation link.

The first part presents itself as a vehicle Mikaela trained Schrauberin. If it is this passion in Transformers 2 continue to go after? [I think this is asking, "does the character continue her passion for cars?"]
Yes, it works in the continuation in a motorcycle shop, repaired Ducatis. I have in the film in several scenes Motorradfahren [ride motorcycles?] what I did in fact can not. During the filming, I was always accelerate from behind (laughs).
[gist: I have several scenes where I ride motorcycle but is not me as I don't know how.]

How has your life changed since the success of Transformers?
It is mad: Before Transformers I had never seen a proper film. I was an absolute greenhorn and paniced before every scene. Sometimes I stood around like petrifies and brought no word out (laughs). Meanwhile, the course changed. A big change for me was also that I suddenly the whole world as well. Before I owned Transformers not even passport.
[gist: I had no film experience...sometimes to scared too to travel the whole word...didn't own a passport before movie]

Transformers - The Revenge was filmed in Egypt and others. How did you like it?
The pryamids are the hammer! They told me that we have the first film crew since 1930which here was allowed to rotate on the spot. I do not know if that's true, but nevertheless, this location is something special for me. I spoke with Scott Farrar, our special effects man of ILM, that the pyramids is one of the last great mysteries of our planet. Until today we do not know exactly how they are in front of thousands of years have been built - with simple ropes and tree trunks. Unbelievable!
[gist: amazing that pyramids have stood for thousands of years and even today we are not sure how they built them]

Is it true that you had to grow Transformers 2? [Did you have to gain weight for the movie?]
Yes, but only because I, for my previous film Jennifer's Body had removed 15 pounds. I was downright skinny, it was no longer healthy. Michael Bay has given me therefore a cake diet prescribed. The best diet that I've done. (laughs)
[gist: Using a cake diet prescribed by Bay, I regained the 15 pounds I lost for my previous movie.]

Which is your favorite Transformer?
Devastator. The guy just destroyed everything around them.
[gist: I like destruction on a massive scale :P ]


  1. WOW that was almost unbearable to read...thnx for the clarification

  2. Ok a little bit of cool info but not much. Probably confirms she rides one of the Fem bots in bike form.

    Oh and i found this other new image. Here is the article:

    And here is the image (Its Prime) :)

    There thanks for listening :)

  3. The Pyramids are the hammer! Ha Ha , I going to start using this in everyday conversation.

  4. The pryamids are the hammer!

  5. As if I hadn't gotten enough boners. She looks hot in that dress!

  6. Hey guys on the revenge of the Fallen video game interview the game publisher/marketing guy called the Helicopter transformer Grindor and not Blackout! he said Grindor! this is huge news..heres the interview

  7. lol^^ i like the picture that Scorpio provided. I wouldn't be surprised to see it on a poster. This isn't that great of news... but its ohkay.

    were so close when you think about. :-p


    i'm really digging this dudes fan made trailer, it could be a real trailer probably.

  9. nice vid. i like the interview i want conformation that Breakaway is in the movie, i think he is, why would he be playable if he's not in the movie? he's not a multi player exclusive. He's in the movie i guarentee it.

  10. LOL nice translation google.

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