Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Australia: ROTF IMAX Tickets On Sale Now

It turns out that the IMAX Theatre in Sydney has put up the pre-order for IMAX tickets for the first week starting with the 12:01am showing on June 24th. Click here to make your purchase. For the states the expected pre-sell date is still June 10th but be sure to check your local theatre to confirm. Thanks to Phil for the info.


  1. Hey for anyone in living in Australia,
    Transformers Revenge of the fallen Tickets are now on sale for Hoyts cinemas.
    go 2 Hoyts.com.au and then go 2 coming soon and find Transformers 2 there

  2. so is greater union.

    already booked g max as well as i max

    for the thurs night and the sat night.

  3. i boughi booked gold class tickets at crown in melb... 10 of them lol

  4. Im gonna be in Melbourne by the time ROTF comes out. Can you guys give me suggestions where is a good place to catch it in the city? Thanks


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