Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bay: "Film almost finished."

On the eve of the world premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in Tokyo, Japan, Michael Bay posted an update in his forums. The film is nearly finished as his dedicated crew works to add the final touches to the film which has 42 Transformers total and for the IMAX footage a few moments where prime is rendered to 1:1 scale for those huge screens. Thanks to Firefrost, John, and Katie for the link.
Hey everyone,

In Japan today. After a month and half seven days a week most days going till midnight me and my crew have just about finished Transformers. I have never seen such a level of dedication from every crew member in a movie before.

Even today after the press in Japan and right before the premiere tonight, I have to sneak out to a digital house to approve the last few effect shots.

It has been a long hard road, but really fun one to travel. What you will notice that is strikingly different than Transformers 1, is the level of animation detail. The robot characters (42 in all), you really can feel empathy for them. What is also very different is the sheer scale of the movie. We have been very tight holding back much of the best imagery in commercials and trailers.

The way to see this movie is on IMAX. Never before has there been 4k rendered character animation shot on full IMAX 70 mm film. This is a first and the results are stunning. You will see Optimus Prime in a few shots where he is actually perfectly to scale on the IMAX 50 foot tall screens.

For IMAX, I created a slightly longer cut with more robot fighting. Four scenes were shot on IMAX cameras so the screen will fill the full IMAX screen for these scenes.

Haters beware.



  1. It's pretty crazy that Bay is still "almost" finished with the film. I'm SO EXCITED TO WATCH THIS! I'm debating if I should see this in IMAX or regular...

  2. well dont think too much becuz the IMAX tickets are going fast.....

  3. Didn't he say like, a week ago, that he'd be done that night?

    Bay is just SO trustworthy, though... Mr. Misinformation... grr.

    By the way, I don't know if it's my browser, but your countdown isn't showig up... might be my internet, though.

  4. Imax for the first viewing then at my local place for round 2 and 3 probably.

  5. 1:1 scale :O you got to be kidding.

  6. "Haters beware."
    Michael Bay you are the man!

  7. Santiva Potter6/07/2009 11:09 PM

    I love how its finished on the eve of the premire. But that's okay, from what I've seen the movie looks AMAZING. I can not wait to see it in IMAX. "Haters Beware". Gotta love Michael Bay. =)

  8. remember people not every imax theater is in normal 50 to 70 foot tall screens most theaters that have imax films nowadays have 30 or smaller foot tall screens so check before you think you will see Optimus Prime in 1:1 scale.

  9. @anon, #1
    lol, I've had my ticket since day one :D:D:D

    It makes me VERY happy... I have it in the dead center of my vanity mirror in my room. It's the first thing I see in the morning... lol!

    Michael Bay is not allowed to be cool...
    I refuse to find the guy who killed Jazz cool.
    *resists coolness*

  10. Awesomenessis going to be given

  11. just wondering, what is the running time of the imax version? i've read on that a commenter posted his theater reported the movie is 151 minutes.

  12. Hey Flamewar,
    I had the same problem with the countdown. But I fixed It. See were it says the time on the bottom right hand corner? does it say the proper date? If it says like 30/7 or waterver, change it 2 2day's Date and time. Ihope it works for ya.

  13. I take it comments are no longer being monitored now?

  14. ^ Rather then the sarcasm, how about an email letting me know that one slipped through? Gets you the same result only one is helpful and the other isn't.

  15. efffing get it done already

  16. I wasn't being sarcastic, but I saw that post about tits up there and it made me wonder, and since the only way to see if comments are monitored is to make a comment, I just did with the first thing that popped into my head :(

    ps you big jerk

  17. Thunda Chunky6/08/2009 2:40 AM

    @ anon @ 12:59AM

    ROTFLMAO!!!! The funniest thing I've read in these comments ever!

    You know it was TFLive lmao

  18. Now that it has been confirmed that there are 42 Robots in this movie let's get an official list started;

    SPOILERS BELOW!!!!!!!!


    1. Optimus Prime
    2. Bumblebee
    3. Ironhide
    4. Ratchet
    5. Sideswipe
    6. Arcee
    7. chromia
    8. 3rd Female?
    9. Skids
    10. Mudflap
    11. Jetfire
    12. Wheelie
    13. Jolt
    14. Combo of Optimus and Jetfire
    15. Combo of Skids and Mudflap
    16. Combo of the female motorcycles


    17. Megatron
    18. Starscream
    19. Soundwave
    20. Ravage
    21. Alice "Pretender"
    22. Grindor
    23. Unknown Protoform #1
    24. Unknown Protoform #2
    25. The Doctor
    26. Demolisher
    27. Long Haul
    28. Scrapper
    29. Scavenger
    30. Mixmaster
    31. Hightower
    32. Rampage
    33. Overload
    34. Ejector (toaster Bot)
    35. Microwave Bot
    36. Other Kitchen Bot
    37. Devastator
    38. Blackout
    39. Scorponok
    40. The Fallen
    41. Sideways
    42. Insecticon

    Not sure If Bay is counting Devastator as another robot or even the other combined robots as one, Not sure if he is counting the Primes that Sam will see when he is knocked out.

  19. I hope the longer cut will make it on blu-ray :)

  20. ^^^ Nice list, but you counted both Grindor and Blackout, I'm pretty sure the assumption was that Grindor either is a resureccted Blackout or he a just a very similar new Decepticon, I can't imagine there being two similar helicopter Decepticons in the movie but I could be wrong

  21. ^^^^ actually there both in the movie because the writers said bout Grindor/Blackout, Grindor reason for him being there as well as Blackout


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