Saturday, June 27, 2009

Box Office: Friday's Take is $36.7M (Updated)

Update: Variety and Box Office Mojo has posted the Friday numbers and once again the estimate were off by a few million to Transformers 2 advantage with a $36.7 million box office in the US. It doesn't hurt that the movie is playing on 10,000 screens at 4,234 locations. This is the 10th highest Friday gross ever. IMAX showings for accounts $8.9 million of the total. I wasn't able to find the international numbers.

The estimate for Friday's box office results are in, according to Deadline Hollywood with another $35 million added to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen's domestic total. With this impressive take, the studio has upped its weekend estimate to $105M from $90M. This bump means the movie could get as high as $195M which puts the movie within reach of The Dark Knight's five total record of $203.8M. Final numbers for US and international will hopefully be in later today. Thanks to Scalan15 for the link.

Box Office Totals (in millions)

*estimate of sales


  1. a good bet the 35m estimate is more like oh 36,37 or maybe 38. its too generic.

  2. or it could be slightly less, like 34.4 or so, i remember following the first film a couple of estimates dropped below, though most of the time the actual figures were higher.

    the most important thing is that it breaks the 600m mark worldwide apparently 600m=profit=Transformers.

  3. 36.7m

  4. again, one word : incredible

  5. Official Numbers are in. It made 36.7 million on Friday. Here is the updated article now.

    GIGANTIC $36.7M FRIDAY! BIG $28.6M THURSDAY! RECORD-SMASHING $60.6M WEDNESDAY! $204M Five-Day Estimate: Can It Gun Down 'Dark Knight's $203.8M?

    SATURDAY AM: Paramount's Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen is looking like it took in $36.7M tonight from 4,234 theaters. The studio is now estimating its 3-day weekend cume bigger than expected: $115M vs $90M previously anticipated. That means the robot sequel could get to $204M for the 5-day opening total. Which means the rock'em, sock'em pic, despite lousy reviews, could gun down the 5-day opening record of $203.8M set by last summer's The Dark Knight. New Line/Warner Bros' counter-programming with the simpering My Sister's Keeper looks like $5M today from 2,606 venues for an estimated $14M weekend.

  6. did you know that on tfw2005 they have a deluxe jolt not by peugh but by di3ansky dude. check out tfw first i forgot the guys name

  7. Judging from the Numbers, they just got to make a third Movie(maybe even more).

    I've been in the first 2 times(1 time with each of my 2 brothers in 2 different cities/cinemas), and we all agreed, that the first Movie was awesome.
    And this second Movie was just bigger and better, in everything.

    Damn, now I have to wait till the DVD-Steelbook get's released.
    Seeing Prime and Bumblebee fighting and killing Decepticons was pretty awesome in this Movie, way more than in the first, where they only did small damages to each other(except for Bumblebee, Brawl and Frenzy, noone of the Movie1-Transformers lost body-Parts during the fights).
    But this time, we get the feel, that they're actually way more serious during the fights, and even the twins have their good moments.

  8. 39.5 Million for Saturday!

  9. "Judging from the Numbers, they just got to make a third Movie(maybe even more)."

    I agree with you.:)


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