Friday, June 05, 2009

Devastator, Prime and More Movie Stills

A few new movie stills are now online from Celebutopia. They show off Bumblebee, Demolisher, Prime looking bad-ass with his swords and Devastator looking small (yet still awesome) in the desert. Thanks to Gregory for the link. He noticed in the Devastator still you can barely make out the twins in front of him in the open area before the trailers and water tower.


  1. I remember how Bay said he visioned bumblebee's character to be like Michale J. Fox but it's not until these still that I could actually see the resemblance in the face.

    Yeah I'm first but I'm typing this around 3:40am here so I don't feel like much of a winner.

  2. Devy dosen't look to small....if anything he is bigger than he should be

  3. Devy is going to smash those two but I can't wait, a few more fucking weeks to go sorry about the word but I very happy to see a new picture of Devy

  4. Did Bay really say he based BB on Michael J Fox??

    Not that i have a problem with it, it just seems like an odd comparison.

    I wonder why he would want that. and i say this as a HUGE MJFOX fan.

  5. It's still amazing to me how when they're in vehicle mode how clean they look, but when they're in robot mode how dirty they are. But once they go back to vehicle mode, they're clean again. I wish my hybrid VUE would do that.

  6. This movie looks unbelieveable. I don't think many people alive today could screw-up a newer verison of G1(ish) Transformers*. We'll just wait to see how Arcee, Sideswipe and the other wheeled feet characters play out. And hopefully Dev's don't ruin the movie when he talks or walks around like a monkey.

    *(Except for the first movie with 20 minutes worth of TFormers, before the final battle)

  7. not that i know anything about CGI animation, but that last one of devestator, the shadows of everything else in the picture are slightly to the right and his shadow is slightly to the left.

  8. yikes! op looks pretty banged up.. word that he won't make it seems a possibility now..

    -greetings from malaysia-


  10. this is a interview with shia. he defend the bay's shooting style

  11. It looks like Prime's gonna be ready for an attack to Blackout behind him..I just hope that he wouldn't injure badly

  12. I thought Devastator would be bigger. Bearing in mind the two twins who are infront are barely larger than humans. I suppose it is just the angle. Also i wanted him to destroy stuff but he there is nothing there except sand, pyramids and a few caravans.

    Oh and heres a New picture of ROTF Ironhide

  13. I'm with everybody else Devastator looks great can't wait to see him in action

  14. TIXS are now on sale for midnight showings on June 23, on Fandango!!!

  15. Those 2 bots in the Dev pic look like the twins, But then again its Small small. Maybe they have a plan an sucker him into this area?

  16. demolisher's wheels look smaller than the time when he crashed through the bridge in the superbowl spot. any ideas?

  17. OMG Devy is HUGE!

  18. are there 2 small robots in front of devastator???

  19. The reason the transformers r dirty in robot form and in vehicle form they r very clean is because of the car company(GM). They dont want those cars looking dirty and run down. And Bay likes the vehicles looking as good as they can. But in robot form of course they are fighting and getting dirty and beat up. So they cant look clean all the time.

  20. "Also i wanted him to destroy stuff but he there is nothing there except sand, pyramids and a few caravans."

    me too :(
    what a waist...

  21. not sure if these have been seen before but a couple of pics of the bluecrcee?) - replace the '2' at the end for '3' for another pic!


  22. WOW! This movie is going to ROCK! Cant believe how good these pics look.

    This movie will easily be #1 wothout breaking a sweat.

    I cant believe how many people try to find any little detail to rag on this movie.

    Devs looks huge. Is he in Egypt or what. Those two smaller ones do look like they might be the twins.

  23. Who is Bumblebee fighting? My money is on Overload but I could be totally wrong. Help please

  24. To Anonymous at 4:25pm – I believe that Bumblebee is fighting with the Constructicon Rampage. Although, I could be wrong, I’m still confused about the Constructicons’ identities.

    These are some great shots! This is the stuff that I drool over in anticipation for films like this! It can’t come soon enough.

    You know, I once said that visual effects reached their pinnacle with the first “Transformers” film. Now, I say that THIS film blows the first film out of the water. I just can’t believe how SCARILY REAL these computer generated models look! I love the immense level of details put into this! They look tangibly real, and looking into Bumblebee’s optics makes me tear up a little…(sniff) I agree with the first Anonymous; for some reason I do see some Michael J. Fox in those images.

    Optimus Prime looks ticked off! I feel sorry for Blackout, because he’s gonna’ bear the brunt of Prime’s rage! “One shall fall…” indeed.

    For those of you saying that Devastator looks small: Well, that could just be because of the HUGE, WIDE shot that is showing him. When the camera is like, 1500 feet in the air, even a 150 foot Decepticon is made to look tiny. I think that he looks fine.

    To Scorpio: I’ve seen a wider image of that Ironhide picture. I love that picture! The level of detail, the realism, everything! I made it my background. Now he really looks like the ‘old, beaten-up war monger’ that his character is supposed to be!

    Maybe one day I can work for Industrial Light & Magic. Sigh…

  25. Replying to TylerMirage:
    Send them one of your images you made or an application then maybe they will accept you :)

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