Thursday, June 04, 2009

M&M's and Toy Commercials (Updated)

The various tie-in commercials have started hitting the airwaves. As mentioned before, M&Ms' website has opened and now they have a good quality commercial here or digicam copy below featuring Optimus Prime. In addition, Hasbro has released another toy commercial focusing on some of the Deluxe and Voyager class toys released last week. Thanks to Darin for the links.

Update: Small alteration to the post, swapped out the M&M commercial with a better copy from TransFansMovie. Link provided by Adrien.

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  1. LOL After delivering the M&M`S Prime throws them away. He must really hate M&M`s. The toy commercial is old. It has been up a while. There is even a new one showing off Devastator which is going to be released soon.


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