Saturday, June 06, 2009

New Divide Making of Video and Contest

The music video for Linkin Park's New Divide song from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Soundtrack is expected to be released June 12th. As part of that, a making of video is now on YouTube and a contest has started to win a custom Fender Squier guitar from the band. The video is below, click here for the contest. Thanks to Razgriz016, Adrien, and Deanna for the links.

Note: Swapped out video from previous as it was producing errors.


  1. YAY IM FIRST!!!:D
    This vid is gonna be pretty good, i hope.
    hey I found new pics of Deluxe Blaze master!
    Check it out

  2. That looks freaking FUN!

    That's it... I'm making a music video with those cordy thingies... no Idea what I'm going to do a music video FOR...
    but I'm gonna do it...


  3. Admin Blog guy TFLive

    I love your blog and I dont want to miss out on cool news and was REALLY hoping {with the Tokyo premier like 10 hours away} that you would NOT put spoilers in the title of the post and add the invisible text to all info that comes out.

    PLEASE----I don't want to avoid this blog just because the Tokyo & UK premiers are first

    Thanks :)

  4. Those wires seem both painful and fun at the same time... cool! Can't wait man... Linkin Park rawks!


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