Monday, June 22, 2009

A Note from Michael

Transformers 2 director Michael Bay added a new note to his forums about a recent experience on the promotional tour, watching the movie and IMAX and not to worry about critics.
Back from Moscow. Fresh from a visit to the former KGB, with second in command. He told me in his office I'm one of 10 American's, one being a President, to ever be allowed inside what is now called the FSB. The only reason was he heard I was in town and he is a fan of my films.

Last night with my crew I saw the IMAX version. Once you get used to the giant format and your eyes adjust, it's an awesome experience. I have been waiting until the film was final to judge, and I'm really pleased. You have to make a point to see it this way - It could be the very best way to see Transformers.

C'mon guys critics? Give me a break. Do you all have short term memory? They killed the first one, and it still became a world-wide smash. I made this for the you, the audience!



  1. First!!! Thanks Mr. Bay for bringing my childhood dream to real life, again thank you..

  2. At least he admits he coudnt direct an emotion or a story even if he tried .

    Would have been good to have some sense in his movies though

  3. Hey tflive...theres not a spot to sign in at on here,thnx

  4. What's weird is some of you guys are whining on how the first movie was written, with more human and less robots and then some of you guys are complaining about the 1st one how different it is from the original G1 Transformers. Now here is Mr. Bay trying to make all the so called " diehard TF fans", and we bitch again. People cant we just enjow this movie, giant robots beating the crap out of each other, isnt that want we want to see when we were young and playing with our TF toys? Now we have it in a live action movie, probably the best toy/cartoon to movie ever made and you guys are still not happy. Just shut up and enjoy what it is intended to be. An entertainment!!

  5. the way is see it is like this

    we asked for the following

    more robots: check
    more robot screen time: check
    more robot characterization: check
    optimus prime kicking ass: check
    more speaking lines for the robots: check
    more screen time for starscream: check
    to include the megatron/starscream dynamic: check
    to make optimus prime live up to his name: check
    to include devastator: check
    to include soundwave: check
    to have the robot battles be longer: check
    to have them be clearer: check

    so ok
    we got ALL those things

    and now people are still complaining: why some characters didnt get enough screen time, seriously? with the amount of money that it costs to just animate one robot, yo should be estactic that bay even opted to include so many of our favorites, even if they just make small cameos and don't do much, the fact that the main characters are respected and have a greater presence should make us ALL happy.

    seriously, just look at xmen, they had a human cast and only developed 3 characters, wolverine, magneto and xavier, the rest got set aside.

    so listen just be happy. and enjoy the film! bay did what he could.

  6. Anonymous at 11:14
    i don't understand why everybody is complaining so much and still saying there gonna see it a second time..?!!!
    Some people just have to complain that its never good.. i pity all of you..
    I'm watching this movie within 10 hours and DAMN an i gonna enjoy it!!!
    Thx Michael Bay..!

  7. Bay asking us to like it because he made it for "us"? That's pathetic, do a good job and I'll like it. Good job as in, more car chases, more legit battle scenes where I know what the hell is going on, make cool robots not bugs, make devestator something that doesnt suck sand and walk like a monkey, and the list goes on. Bay stinks and the writers could'nt be worse.

    I will see the movie obviously, but I will be just as upset after 2 that I was for the first.

    Can't wait to see it wed!!!!

  8. wedenesday ? HAHAHAHA

    I see it tuesday already

  9. To the anon at 2:58AM

    Are you serious? You know you'll be upset with the movie but you're still going to see it anyway? What the hell kind of logic is that? If you're going to waste $10 why not just give it to me? I'll give my PayPal information.

    How about all the little 30 something year old pricks that have a problem with MIke Bay get together and MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MOVIE!!! If you don't like it, just sit down and SHUT THE FUCK UP! Because I can think of about $300 million bucks worth of people that will gladly go to the theater and actually ENJOY the movie. Not pay to bitch like you clearly will be doing.

    Sorry TFLive, but that had to be said.

  10. Somehow more robots and more screentime dont actually go together in this movie

  11. Just got done reading some reviews here & there and just about everyone is negative.

    Can't wait though, going to watch it tonight. Yay for midnight showings!

  12. Bay,I know you tried very hard to make this 2nd movie look awesome. I will still like(or love) the 2nd movie even if the critics tries to trashed it with "cold-blooded" reviews. Well there are a flaws for this movie,but if you add up the positive ones and negatives ones and compare it,the positive ones still out wins the negative ones. I am very glad I watched the 1st film. It transformed my life a lot. Transformers...will always be more than meets the eye. These alien robots are so robot-ish that I don't mind them having mouths,especially Optimus' mouth.

    Good luck making the 3rd film,hope it will turned out awesome too!!!XDXD

  13. I wonder if Bay will keep making movies like this 'till he's an old man. Maybe someday he'll achieve a better balance of story, characters and action. But for now....BOOOOM!!!! Keep on keepin' on, brother. Just find better writers, cause these guys are starting to get old. Mr. Bay, just imagine what kind of film-maker you'll be in the future if you work with others that can balance your superb eye for shooting action with a more developed story arc and characters. It would be unfathomably incredible. As for everyone else, don't forget that these movies are intended for children and the child that still lives in all of us. Not the adults.

  14. I was not aware that all I wanted to see in a kid/parent movie was reference to the male genitalia, Michael. The thought had never crossed my mind, nor would it have. I went to see some robots from my childhood performing the cool moves they did back in the original cartoon. There was no swearing, drug use, or sexual referencing in the cartoon, comic, or toys. I am very disappointed in you. I went from being one of your biggest fans, owning all of the movies I could of yours, to considering burning them all and never seeing another one again. I am very ashamed of myself for once calling myself a fan of yours and Steven Speilberg, but never again. Do the world a favor and DO NOT make another Transformers film. You have destroyed the franchise enough already.


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